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40+ computer geek currently in school to change careers to nursing, divorced with 1 gorgeous daughter, 3 cats and a mutt. Love to read, knit, read, spin, read, play on the computer, read, listen to music, read, play music, and oh yeah read.
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My now-12-year-old kiddo started losing her hair last summer, just a few weeks before her 6th grade school year started. By Thanksgiving, she was pretty much completely bald. We had a huge struggle getting an actual diagnosis, the dermatologist was convinced she had trichtotillomania, but we finally got a biopsy and confirmed the results.

Shannon's doing great, she stepped up and told all of her classmates what was going on, and they have been supportive. She elects to wear wigs (and we're currently looking for better sports options) for school/church but usually just grabs a head wrap for around the house, errands, and going to the gym. I think she's doing great and am super proud of her. She's here on AW if there are other kids who are going through this, she'd love to chat.

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When it becomes routine

Posted on March 14, 2012 at 10:00pm 2 Comments

I hadn't realized so much time had passed since we were first struggling to understand and cope with Shannon's hair loss. It's interesting how people adapt and cope with changes in their lives, to the point you forget it was ever any other way.

Shannon's hair started falling out the summer before her 6th grade year, and was completely gone by Thanksgiving. It was a scary and confusing time - trying to figure out what was wrong, getting to the specialist, arguing with him when he tried…


Quick update

Posted on November 17, 2009 at 1:21pm 0 Comments

Well, nothing much has changed at our house... We hooked up with a fabulous guy in Carrollton who fitted Shannon with an Amy's Presence wig that fits her properly and is human hair, this was in the summer before school started. She looks fabulous. It's starting to thin at the part, so I imagine we'll have to send it in for some rehab after school lets out. He also said before summer camp NEXT year he can get us a synthetic that's not quite so expensive for swimming and messing around at camp,… Continue

Haven't been around in a while...

Posted on May 8, 2009 at 4:17pm 0 Comments

... things have been super busy around our house. School for kids, school for hubby, school for me, volleyball for Shannon...

Shannon didn't respond to the steroid creams, and I wasn't willing to risk all the side effects of systemic steroids for the small chance of a response, so we stopped all treatment and we're going to just deal with what we have, and hope it resolves on its own when it's ready. Shannon's doing really well with all of this, I'm so proud of her.

So… Continue

Finally, a diagnosis.

Posted on November 13, 2008 at 11:29am 6 Comments

The dermatologists’ office called, and thanks to the biopsy, we finally have a hard and fast, firm diagnosis. My mothers’ instinct and my medical digging were correct, Munchkin has Alopecia Areata. She does NOT have trichtotillomania, she is NOT pulling her own hair out. I no longer have to try to convince the dermatologist of that fact, and we can move on to other things.

In a way, I’m sad, because this is a bit more final. Last night she asked Dad to buzz off the remaining hair… Continue

Things aren't going well...

Posted on October 21, 2008 at 4:20pm 6 Comments

Munchkin has now lost over 70% of her hair. She's not dealing well with it. She's coming to realize that she's probably going to be completely bald when it's all said and done, and is in the "it's not fair" stage. All I can say is, "no, it's not" and hug her. I have set up counseling for her, both to help her deal with this, and hopefully give her more tools to deal with all of her stress that I know is exacerbating the condition, if not triggering it to start with.

We see the… Continue

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At 11:09pm on February 23, 2009, JeffreySF said…
Hello AntiChick,

I talked with Nick and his experience was getting massages 2-3 times a week and his alopecia resolved. he did tell me he went through a very stressful event just before his alopecia began and has been resolved for 6 years now.
Anyway, i think I will give it a try. There is a local massage therapy school with good prices here so why not.

Hope all is well with you and your daughter Shannon.

At 4:58pm on February 21, 2009, Nicolas Garcia said…
Hi my name is Nick. I live in the Dallas area. I had spots of hair loss and also a huge area of hair loss. My doctor told me I had Alopecia and that there was no cure. I had no hair growth at all in these ares for eight months. I tried something and my hair started growing back within two weeks. Have not had a hairloss problem since. I do not know if mine was the same condition as your daughters. If you would like to call me I will tell you my story. (214) 621-4858
At 3:13pm on January 21, 2009, Maygensmom said…
Hi! How are you and Shannon doing? I posted some new pics of Maygen's hair loss. is coming out rapidly. She just started a new treatment for her. She is taking steroid pills and will take them for 4 weeks. If that doesnt work, too bad...basically. Anyways, we also took her to the Hair Club for kids in the big D and they were so friendly. We are excited about this opportunity.
At 12:26pm on December 17, 2008, Maygensmom said…
I think that we are going to go to a place in Garland that my aunt uses. She has had 4 bouts with cancer. We are going to spend the day trying on wigs and maybe even getting some scarfs. I am hoping it will be a fun day for Maygen, considering all the crap she is going through. She wants a real hair wig. Does your daughter wear her wig when she is playing sports?
At 11:54am on December 17, 2008, Maygensmom said…
Does Shannon wear a wig? I am planning on going this weekend to get her fitted for a wig. She wants the real hair. I can't blame her. I need what ever advice you can give me. How old is your daughter? It would be nice to schedule lunch together sometime and let the girls meet. I think that would really help Maygen. I live in Paris, which is about 2 hours away from Arlington. It would be nice to provide a support group that could meet face to face, even for us moms.
At 6:26pm on November 13, 2008, Shannon M said…
At 12:44pm on September 16, 2008, LeslieAnn Butler said…
Hi "Chick!"
I know how hard it is to have a daughter with alopecia. I have had alopecia for about 30 years. After I became the spokesperson for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, a lot of women were needing my help and support, so I wrote a book called, "If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing!" It might make you feel better about how you can support your daughter. Check it out on my page -- and WELCOME!
At 6:33pm on September 15, 2008, JeffreySF said…
Hello and welcome to Alopecia World.
There are lots of people here with and without kids to give you support and advice.

At 6:06pm on September 15, 2008, rj, Co-founder said…
Congratulations to your 11-year-old daughter, too! As a father with three daughters, including two teens, I know firsthand that your daughter's courage is to be commended. I wish her great joy and good success. :-)
At 1:09pm on September 13, 2008, theantichick (Shannon's Mom) said…
I'm so proud of my kiddo... I'd been talking to her about maybe talking to her class about what's going on with her so they'd have the right information and not end up making things up to gossip about ... she'd agreed that would be best, and wanted me to set it up with the school counselor. Ended up, she decided to handle it all herself before I could even go and talk to the school nurse & counselor.

All the kids in her class were very supportive, and she feels so much better to not have to try and hide it and worry about what will happen when they find out now.


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