As you all ready know I have Alopecia Areata and I have shaved my head. No big deal compared to my other medical issues. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Disease on the same day as I was with Alopecia. I also have chronic Anemia. So I am dealing with three things all at the same time. From the fibromyalgia I am always in pain. I do not take pain meds tho. I have extremely bad anxiety attacks and muscle spasms. If you would like to learn more about Fibromyalgia Disease you can find its information at
I cant do all the things that a normal person my age can do. I cant carry my 20 month old baby around because it hurts to bad. I take muscle relaxers for the spasms and ativan for the anxiety but I am currently not on any treatment and it is really hard to make it thru each day. I mostly sleep all day, every day since i cant sleep at night. I get very depressed and I spend most of my nights sitting up on my bed crying until i drain myself completely. I pray to God to make it stop. "Oh God when will the pain end? When will I have energy? When can I relax?"
So this is me...

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Comment by Tallgirl on May 24, 2009 at 11:23am
Do you have a roommate or another person to live with, help with the baby, joke with, watch movies with? That might help a lot.
Comment by Kristen Viveros on May 24, 2009 at 11:56am
Ok so my fiance got deported 5 months ago and I was left all alone in a tiny apartment with my 1 year old baby. I moved a roommate in and things were going alright until people began to run in out of my apartment like they lived there. I became very uncomfortable with that so I went to stay with my mom. I have now been staying with my mom for about 2 months. But even when living with someone I still have these horrible anxiety attacks. I continue to have these relentless crying fits. I think that they are coming from the Fibromyalgia... or maybe the Alopecia... i still dont know much about either. Maybe I will get better once I get to Mexico and get settled in there. Only God knows what my future holds. I read somewhere (thanx C@) that if you do not have fibromyalgia but you wonder what it might feel like... just clip wooden clothes pins on the ends of each finger, leave them there for 30 seconds and then imagine that pain all over your entire body... day and night... 24/7... all the time!
So I just feel like it will never end and I am readying myself for a life full of pain and suffering...
Comment by Ajithkumar on May 24, 2009 at 1:33pm
Kristen, faces/ expressions does not reveal much. You always look so energetic in your photos. But you have some serious health problems. But your faith, your mind and your wishes are able to let you through it.
You Can!
Please be as bold as ever!
You Can thrive the pain and sufferings.
THe GOD is PoWerFul!
Pray And
And be bold enough every time.
Comment by Kristen Viveros on May 25, 2009 at 8:07pm
Yes Ajithkumar I am a very strong willed person. There is a lot more to me then just what I post on this page. I have been thru a whole lot in my life. Things that I dont wish to discuss from when I was a kid. A broken marriage when I was only 16. I hold my head high and look above and beyond all the bad things. I take what life hands me and deal with it the best way I know how.


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