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My Daughter's Emergency Surgery!

On Saturday June 11th in the evening, my 13 year old daughter Monica started to complain that she wasn't feeling well and her belly was hurting on the lower left side. She took a tylenol and didn't say anything else about the pain for the rest of the evening.

On Sunday morning she was again complaining of the same pain on the lower left side of her belly again. She went to next door to my grandmother's house for lunch (this happens every Sunday) but she came back within 30 minutes, telling… Continue

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No where to go for national bald out.

Hey guys... I was just sitting here thinking... sunday is national bald out day (Now International Alopecia Day) and I have no where to go. Maybe I'll go visit a friend or a family member or maybe I will venture to the store bald and see what kind of reactions I get. lol. I'm not really sure what exactly we are supposed to do for national bald out day. Any suggestions?

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Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months. I just can't understand why I am still here. I haven't seen my husband for 6 long months and I am almost at my breaking point now. Every morning I wake up alone and a realize once again that I must spend yet another day with out him. Every night I cry myself to sleep. No one understands. My family sees my cry, although I try to stay away when I cry. But, lately I have been crying nearly everyday. My own mother never offers any reason or comfort for… Continue

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Mexico is getting closer!

For those of you who have been reading my blogs and such about moving to Mexico... I now have all of my loose ends tied up. I of course have my passports. I now have my birth certificates and my S.S. cards I have been waiting for. The baby is totally up to date on his shots and my meds are all squared away for the duration of my trip. The only thing that is missing now is the money to purchase the ticket. I have some friends rallying around me to try to help me raise the money by doing various… Continue

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I'm Still Ok.

Hello everyone, I thought I would post a new blog since I got a couple of emails asking me if everything was ok with me since I haven't posted or commented lately.

I am happy to say that everything is perfectly ok with me. I still have a bald head and I am still having fun with it! The thing that has kept me from posting is my Fibromyalgia. With this disease I get what is referred to as "Fibro Fog"... this means that it's hard for me to concentrate and finish a project, even as small as… Continue

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"You shaved your head again, didn't you?"

I am so sick of everyone making comments about my head! I just had one of my good friends come over to pick up my daughter and take her fishing. As soon as she walked in the door she said "You shaved your head again, didn't you? I thought you was going to let it go". My response to her was, "Why does everybody keep making comments about my head? I am real tired of everybody saying something about my head every time they see me".

I am honestly sick of my family and friends constantly making… Continue

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Today I realized.

This morning when I woke up, the scalp was feeling very itchy. I was scratching it all over just before I went into the restroom to take a look in the mirror. When I got there I was not surprised to find three spots in addition to the infamous spot in the back. I didn't even think twice. I took the clippers and took off what was too long for my razor and then it was back to blade on scalp again, as I clean shaved the head to once again be completely bald. I took my shower to take my mind off of… Continue

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County Fair

I am very pleased to blog about my experience tonight. I went to the county fair this evening with my friend, her son and my 13 year old daughter. I wore a light blue bandanna on my head, pulled low to cover half of my ears. Because I have stubble by my ears and I wanted to cover that. The whole ride there, all I could think about was how I was going to feel once I got inside. We parked about 3 blocks away and walked to the gate. As we were walking, about half-way there I started to feel very… Continue

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Letting My Hair Grow

I still have a big bald spot on the back of my head but the rest of my hair is beginning to grow back. So I have stubble all over my head and I'm going to let it grow and see how far that gets. Wish me luck guys!

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Here I am... still waiting to get to Mexico. On January 8th 2009 the police showed up at my door and asked for my fiance by name. (which means he was turned in). They asked for identification and when he couldn't provide documentation he was loaded into the back of the police car, while the officer made a call to immigration. They sat in the cop car in the parking lot of my projects for what felt like forever. I wanted to talk to him but they wouldn't let me. After what seemed like forever, the… Continue

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This is really hard for me to go thru without my husband to hold me hand. See he was turned into immigration and deported 5 months ago. I didnt start losing my hair until about 3 weeks ago. I still see him everyday on webcam and i can hear his voice thru conference call. But its not the same, I cant touch him, he cant hold me the way I need him to. He cant kiss me on my head and tell me that everything is going to be alright. All I want now is to sleep and only wake up when my passports get… Continue

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I am loosing my eyebrows!

I am totally freaking out now. I just noticed this morning that my eyebrows are falling out! i knew it would come to this but its happening so fast. I have been crying all day.

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Gonna Get A Tan On My Head.

I was thinking about how white my head So I decided that I am getting some baby sun block and I am going to jump on the trampaline and see if I cant get a little tan on this white scalp of mine... lol. I promise I wont stay out for long... dont want a burn. OUCH!

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More Than Meets The Eye

As you all ready know I have Alopecia Areata and I have shaved my head. No big deal compared to my other medical issues. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Disease on the same day as I was with Alopecia. I also have chronic Anemia. So I am dealing with three things all at the same time. From the fibromyalgia I am always in pain. I do not take pain meds tho. I have extremely bad anxiety attacks and muscle spasms. If you would like to learn more about Fibromyalgia Disease you can find its… Continue

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Totally Me

I am bald, I am bold and I am not ashamed. I go out in only my bandannas. I never wear wigs nor do I ever plan to wear one. I am a very open minded person. I love to show off the new me. I love to make people wonder whats wrong with me. Let them stare because they dont know what they are staring at. I get a lot of sympathetic looks, as though people think I am a cancer patient. But, no one has the guts to ask me whats wrong. People will always talk about someone or something so I say, why not… Continue

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