Just this past Saturday I had gone for a nap as I was quite tired, my hubby stayed up to prepare dinner then decided to watch a movie.As I woke up came downstairs my husband was walking into the kitchen and this commercial came on about hair or lipstick whatever it was i stood just at the ramp of the stairs and watched as my husband came out of the kitchen stared with an onion in his hand.I continued coming downstairs and naturally I confronted him and said you must find this girl quite beautiful with her hair and all as I watched you.Imedietly he changed the subject, when I seen him do this I got this pit of worriness or hurt in my stomach.I felt crappy this entire week-end because I think he misses the woman he married with hair and now it's gone.I wish it had never happened to me while i was married i wished that if were going to happen it would be before i got married.
Yesterday morning I fixed myself up and my husband said to me Lisa why are you wearing wigs I think you look wonderful like the way you are and I just looked at him and said thank_you but deep inside I din't believe him for a second.
Am I over insensitive here cause I'm confused now and i'm doubting my husband feeling I can't give him what he needs.
He tells me " i want you no one else I have you" and of course my reply is yes you have me because naturally you can't have the woman on tv!
Feeling very sad and I just feel awful about the way I look just when i was starting to feel comfy I felt as tho someone stomped on that for me.

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Comment by Natasha Gehrke on July 20, 2012 at 10:29pm

I lost all my hair at 13 and it was really hard for me to deal with. I always wondered if the people I dated really liked me or if they has a motive for dating me. I was never really confident about how I looked because I would compare myself to the people I went to school with. My boyfriend now started dating me while I was bald and my hair grew back in some time into our relationship. My hair is starting to fall out again and I wonder if my relationship will fall with my hair. In the end my life will play out how it will and I will carry on. What I look like shouldn't matter to the people around me. I see my boyfriend look at other women all the time and it bothers me but I have something to take solace in. Regardless what happens with my hair I will be confident about who I am as a person. He may look at others but he loves me. It is a very strong emotion and its not something that can go away so easily. Your husband married you and that kind of commitment is a lot for a person to make. Your hair won't change how he feels about you. Love is love. Deep and strong enough to break and evil spell in every fairytail that we have heard since we were children.

Comment by Tallgirl on July 21, 2012 at 12:10am

It's when they start to spend weekends, go camping or travel on "business trips" with other gals that the momentum is really broken, because then they have SHOWN us that we aren't The Special Ones in their lives. That gal in the commercial can't crawl out of the television, so I think you are safe. Everyone has choices, and so far it looks like he is choosing you.

Comment by wise1 on July 22, 2012 at 4:47pm
2 things i think - we all have insecurities. If not our hair then something.... and men do look without even realizing they look. They are not comparing, just looking. They also don't want to say the wrong thing to the woman they love.


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