It seems a bit crazy to be excited by one, tiny, half inch long brown hair, a hair so inconspicuous that I thought at first it must have come from our new kitten, but there it is among the white hairs. And as I stared at the top of my head, losing and then refinding that minuscule hair, I realized that the sides are undeniably filling in more. I know it is a bit far fetched at this point, but I can almost imagine getting a hair cut, a short, close to the head hair cut. And the funny thing is, if my white hair keeps growing in, the pioneer brown hair could signal yet another kind of hair trouble. If I ever finally achieve an approximation of a full head of white hair, will it be messed up by having brown mixed in? Not that I really care, but the white is familiar to me now, and kind of cool in a blonder than blonde way.

It was about a year ago that the last pigmented hair fell out of my head, and I have been discouraged by noting that my regrowth was all the same length, as in no new hairs had grown since I had shaved the summer before last. Why is that changing now? I have no idea. Perhaps attempting to address my borderline anemia had some effect. Perhaps it is my new habit of homemade yogurt. Perhaps it was the recent lunar eclipse. Seriously, I doubt there was anything I did. The years of stress that preceded my extreme hair loss are now a bit behind me, and, as we all know, alopecia is unpredictable. I am hopeful that the new hairs, the white ones at least, will stick around because that is what the others have done for a year, but only time will tell. Any person with "normal" hair would be horrified to wake up and see what it on my head, so perhaps there is a bit of acceptance thrown into the mix too.

Further examination showed I was mistaken, it isn't a new brown hair, but a white hair that has turned brown after at least a year of growth. Only the bottom half inch is brown. I've read many times about hair coming back as fine white hairs that become pigmented, but my white hair, at least most of it, is full, sturdy hair. Probably the one turning brown is a fluke, but it is intriguing and encouraging that the process of going white can be reversed.

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Comment by Mike Staffieri RHN on October 15, 2015 at 9:52am

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