The Secret to Shutting Down Alopecia Haters for Good – One Bold Approach Can Transform Your Confidence!

Dealing with unwanted comments about your alopecia can be challenging, and many may suggest responding with a quick comeback. However, diving deeper into the issue reveals a fundamental truth – you cannot control what others say about you. True empowerment comes from within, allowing you to navigate through the comments with grace and confidence.

Photo Source:  Ad campaign for Dove Soap from quite a few years ago.

The Illusion of Control:

Attempting to control others' opinions is an exercise in futility. People will always have something to say, whether positive or negative. It’s crucial to recognize when comments are veiled attempts at control, trying to shape your behavior based on someone else's expectations. This phenomenon is known as the "locus of control," where external factors dictate your actions.


Breaking Free from External Validation:

Relying solely on external validation can be a slippery slope. If your choices are determined by the approval of others, you may find yourself constantly changing to meet their expectations. The commentary on your appearance becomes a never-ending loop leading to a loss of your authentic self.


Living Through It:

To truly liberate yourself from the burden of unwanted comments, the key is to live through them. While it may, sound easier said than done, experiencing these remarks allows you to build resilience. Over time, you will find that these comments no longer hold power over you. Recognize that these comments stem from others' insecurities, not your own.


Your Unique Journey:

If you desire the freedom to walk out the door without a wig, wear a head covering, allow your bald patches to show, change up the color and length of your hairpieces whenever you want, get a tattoo on your head, or make any other choice you wish regarding YOUR alopecia, you must learn to handle the comments. Living authentically requires working through the discomfort, facing doubts head-on, and ultimately realizing that the opinions of others do not define you. Your journey with alopecia is unique, and the decision on how to live it should be yours alone.


Reframing Beauty and Attraction:

Challenge societal norms and redefine what beauty means to you. Your worth is not determined by conforming to someone else's idea of attractiveness. Share your narrative and celebrate the aspects of yourself that make you feel empowered. It’s essential to recognize that true beauty lies in authenticity.  


In navigating the world with alopecia, it’s crucial to work through doubts, challenge societal norms, and let the decision of how to live your alopecia life be entirely yours. Embrace your journey and celebrate your uniqueness.


Are you letting others dictate how you should live with alopecia, or is it time to reclaim your power?

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Comment by outforawalk on January 7, 2024 at 7:28pm

"Why do you have that thing over your head?"

I tell them why.

Then I hear them across the room.

"She went into this thing about autoimmunity."

Pretty soon I'll be investing in a prosthetic hair piece.   


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