Abandoned the bonding idea for now and am working on embracing more changeable and less costly options. Found a nice homey wig boutique in Richmond and purchased two brunette Raquel Welch's there. In front of people I see all the time but am not super close with (which is most people ;-)) I am still clinging for dear life to the self-made helper hair I've been using for four years... which is familiar but pretty crappy right now since I've got next to no hair, particularly at the front, to even "help". But in the evenings I've been "practicing" with my starter wigs, learning to manage their quirks and challenges and make them look as natural (or at least as flattering) as possible. Have wigged out solo at restaurants a couple times and learned that while I still feel very much that something with its own presence is sitting atop my head, it really doesn't look that way from the outside, at least not to untrained eyes. It's an interesting experience.

Still holding out hope that I'll find a synthetic wig to be my everyday Me wig, that I put on and feel giddy about. But that will have to be a combo of brown-black (shade 1B), lower density (prolly 100-110%), and spiral-curly (type 3B?)  that looks neither too Afro nor too WASP-who-used-rollers. Going more for Greek goddess curls here :-D Is that just a pipe dream? Le sigh.

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Comment by Coleen on July 11, 2017 at 10:56am

I remembered this wig from online shopping and your comments made me think of it:


Comment by Tallgirl on July 21, 2017 at 11:18pm
Raquel Welch has good coverage.
Comment by gldean1988 on July 27, 2017 at 10:39am

Hey. I actually recently started a company to help make affordable wigs. 

This is my website www.hairyhippy.us

And my facebook page


I'm having the customized wig section worked on as we speak. 

I know no one likes solicitation or to "be that person" who sounds like spam.

But, I remember what it was like to be someone who needs a wig and not be able to afford it (I'm a school teacher for crying out loud! We don't make tons of $$$$). 

So, I'm trying to help people like me, people like you. 

Now, I wouldn't call it cheap (it would be anywhere from $400-700), but it's affordable compared to the thousands some companies want to price-gouge desperate people with. I'm selling them for as cheap as I can buy them and have them made (the person who hand-sews them must be paid for their labor/time----which is only fair---and good quality human hair isn't cheap). 

Anyway, even if you don't purchase anything from me, I hope you'll still be my friend since you're my alopecia sis :-D


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