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A Search for Purpose.

It's way past my 9-5 working person's bedtime, so this may or may not be coherent. I just feel compelled to throw it out there rather than keep it rolling around between my ears.

I have a job that's nowhere near anything I went to school for. I was lucky to get it right before the financial crisis, it's done a lot of great things for me, and it's stable, but it's not the kind of thing I see myself doing forever (though the fact I've stayed in it the better part of 10 years would…


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A Lifetime of Doing Things the Hard Way.

(Repost from 7/22 as I accidentally deleted it before… also, update follows)

I’m pretty much the queen of being matter-of-fact about difficult things. My alopecia is no exception. Maybe I always had a lot of other stuff going on, but I viewed it as one thing among many. I’ve probably been guilty of the kind of minimizing a lot of alopecians hate, of the “It’s just hair” variety.

In romantic relationships, though, I never put my money where my mouth was, preferring to leave… Continue

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Well I'll Be. (A chronicle for other curly girls out there.)

My first attempt at reclaiming my nearly-black 3B hair: Valentina by Outre. Extremely high density, despite how it might photograph. Has a different curl pattern in the underneath layer that is very thick and sort of boosts up the rest of it. Great looking but a little too Afro to pass off as my bio hair.

Second attempt: HH Brazilian Curl by It's a Wig. Very long, needs trimming, rough lace and lousy severe hairline right out of the box, but texture pretty soft for a synthetic…


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What's New with Me and Wigs

Abandoned the bonding idea for now and am working on embracing more changeable and less costly options. Found a nice homey wig boutique in Richmond and purchased two brunette Raquel Welch's there. In front of people I see all the time but am not super close with (which is most people ;-)) I am still clinging for dear life to the self-made helper hair I've been using for four years... which is familiar but pretty crappy right now since I've got next to no hair, particularly at the front, to…


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On hair loss, identity, and whatnot

I have always been drawn to invented individuals. Maybe it was what I needed to keep me entertained, and maybe it had to do with the demonstration of individual power. In any event, it's why I always loved the song "Crush with Eyeliner" and made a cartoon of a "Sad Tomato" to put on a white t-shirt in eighth grade. It's why I love glam rock and feel at ease with drag performers and the larger than life personalities who inspire them, and have never begrudged people like Marilyn, or Bowie, or…


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Could Levoxyl have (slowly but surely) worsened my AA

Hello all,

I've had AA quite a long time now and am well-acquainted with its unpredictability and mysterious nature. BUT, something keeps bugging me and I'd be interested in a weigh-in or five.

First let me say that I've had eczema since infancy and had a dime-sized bald spot since kindergarten (though I was not diagnosed with AA till the end of college). So, my autoimmune history is well-established.

Yet. From my diagnosis in 2005 up till Fall 2011, my AA was never as…


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