Many feel that once they develop alopecia that they will never find a mate. My stance is that you may find a better one. One that is capable of loving your uniqueness.

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Comment by John on June 19, 2021 at 9:21am

I started losing my hair about 12 years ago in my mid 20s.  I was a little self conscious about having bald patches so I grew my hair out a little to cover it up.  I don't think it negatively effected my dating options very much.  I felt like there were other attributes of my appearance and personality that were good so I still had confidence talking to women and managing social situations.  I had several different girlfriends and they didn't really seem to care about my alopecia.

When I started dating my wife my alopecia accelerated.  The small patches turned into large patches and I started losing my eyebrows and eventually it became impossible to hide so I started shaving my head (and what was left of my eyebrows).  My wife says she admires the way I handle alopecia.  I have zero insecurities about it.  I view it as completely a non-issue and my wife just kind of follows my lead.

I think the psychological effects of alopecia have a far greater effect on attractiveness and relationships than the appearance effects of alopecia. It doesn't make any sense to dwell on negative things about your appearance that you can't control.  Especially because there are plenty of things, like body fat percentage, that have a much greater effect on your attractiveness that you can control.

Comment by Kenya on March 24, 2022 at 3:15pm

My husband had grown his locks for twenty years. They were touching his butt and he did the exact same thing as this video.  Brought me to tears again. How wonderful it is to be loved by a strong man!


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