Hey everybody! I am currently going to school for a Master's degree in Communication Studies at Louisiana State University. In two of my classes (statistics and Interpersonal Communication), I have to create a survey and analyze results and write a research paper. I have decided to write about Self Disclosure about Alopecia. The only way I can do this is through an Internet survey. If you'd like to help me (the more results I get the more statistically accurate they will be!), please take my survey! It is only about 45 questions (all multiple choice). You must be over 18 to take the survey (not my rule)!

This is completely voluntary, and you can stop the quiz at any time without penalty! There is no way for me to tell who has done the survey or where the results came from, so your answers will be completely anonymous!

I'm also supposed to tell you this: If I you have any questions about subjects' rights or other concerns, you can contact Robert C. Mathews, Chairman, Institutional Review Board, (225) 578-8692, irb@lsu.edu, www.lsu.edu/irb

I am also posting this on MySpace, Facebook and NAAF so make sure you don’t take it twice!
Thank you SO MUCH (whether you take it or not)!

Here is the link to the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=Ar4YMIN_2bm6SeKA48ORWEVg_3d_3d

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I answered it all now =)

Hey Melissa,

I just took the survey -- I hope that helps you!!!!
Interesting line of questioning, and really makes one stop and think.
Now for some quiet reflection :-D
Let us know the results of your survey please! I took the test and I'm still feeling strong (I think). LOL
Yes, I'll definitely let you know what the results are! It may not be until the end of the semester though! (First week of May)
I took the survey...it ended into an advertisement... is that right?
I was going to fill out your survey although once I started I figured it was not for me. Let me explain. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. It started with one little bald patch, then there were 5, then 10 pacthes- at that time I couldn't hide it anymore and I shaved it all off! That was my liberating moment! I bought a wig and hardly ever wore it- had panic attacks wearing it-I mostly went doo-rags or went totally bald and didn't give a dang what anyone thought! I was still me! With or without hair! I went about 8 month's until my hair finally started growing back and..knock on wood...I have been in remission since! I know at any time I could lose it all again- I never complain of a bad hair day anymore! hehehe I do have to dye my hair about every 3 weeks- my hair came back in completely white- no pigment at all.
OK so getting back to my main point- the survey must only be for people not currently in remission?
Well, I guess. I'm looking at self-disclosure about Alopecia. So if you don't really have much to disclose I guess you wouldn't need to take it! Thanks for trying though!
I took the survey and would be very interested in the reults. How many completed surveys do you need? How many have been completed so far?

Good luck to you with the class. I had a statistics project involving a survey when I was in grad school too. The professor was crazy. I spent at least a few hundred hours on the analysis. He wouldn't let it go. Every question answered raised two more kind of thing. I learned alot though.
Just wanted to give everyone an update on my survey research:

I had a total of 86 responses (76 women, 10 men)! And here is what I found:

Although I don't know which one CAUSES the other, I found a significant relationship between self-disclosure about alopecia and quality of life.

Meaning, those who talk about their alopecia more are generally happier with their lives, but again, I don't know if the talking makes them happier or they talk more BECAUSE they're happier. The biggest relationship was between depth and honesty of disclosures. So you don't have to talk about it OFTEN, just be deep and honest about it. Did that make sense? It's hard for me to put that into words.

I found no relationship between talking about alopecia and body image. Almost everyone who took the survey has a very positive body image. Way to go!

I did find that body image and quality of life were related. The higher your body image, the happier you are.

I also found that the more time you spend wearing a wig or head covering, the lower your quality of life. I don't necessarily think this is true for everyone. I wear a wig 100% of the time and consider myself very happy! And, this wasn't a very strong correlation, but it was significant so I got to report it! :)

I think that's about it, feel free to ask more questions if you want, I'm going to try to get the paper published! I'll let you know what happens!
awesome --- glad to participate!!!
I just took your survey as well. Hope it wasnt too late.
Best of Luck



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