I'm Gerald. This is my first post on this website.
I am married to a beautiful bald lady who has alopecia, she is completely bald with au.

Some of the most beautiful women I have seen are bald women.
You can really see a woman's feminine features when she is bald.
No hair in the way.
A pretty lady doesn't need any hair.
I actually believe my wife's bald condition enhances her beauty and her femininity.

You bald women on this website are very beautiful.
You're gorgeous ladies!

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i agree def some amazing women on here
Do you have any brothers or male cousins that think the same way??? :)
HaHa! No kidding YoKasta!!
Go Yokasta!!!! LOL!!
oh i see going after my brothers and cousins with hair i see.....lol
Thanks for the wonderful comments. I also have a very supportive husband and he's continually commenting on my beauty. I'm experiencing getting headaches when I wear my wig and he told me to not wear it...I'm beautiful just the way I am!! I thought it was so awesome. He's been so great through all of this.
From a woman's perspective I agree w/Rosemarie...make sure you tell your wife all those words daily!! It means alot...women need to hear words such as those. You sound like a wonderful man.
Very true BrandyLynn! I also have a very supportive husband who tells me Im beautiful all the time. I tease him alot by telling him to share his hair lol.
My hubby is also bald and I found myself asking him questions about being bald. Quite backwards if I do say so myself. Such things like when the hair starts growing back (the hair that is left that is) does it itch really bad?? And boy....it's cold without a hat on!
I'm sure he'd share his hair though if he had some!! He's been mostly bald since his early 20's (so young for that).
We are both very blessed to be married to such awesome men who assure us, even when we may disagree, that we are BEAUTIFUL no matter what!! Sometimes it's easier said then done but it really is the TRUTH!!
Oh...did you like my comments on your photos I made yesterday about stealing my real and fake hair??
I seen that.....too funny! Honestly I didnt know you could get a wig customized.....how and where did you do that at?
Good replies you beautiful bald ladies!
I am glad that you ladies agree that bald is beautiful on women!



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