I am new to this whole thing. I just had my first doctor visit on May 2nd. At that time he did the steroid injections in the 4 spots I had at the time. Now here I am 3 weeks later with 10 bald spots and a very lumpy and sore head! Those shots are NOT pleasant and the divots that forms at the injection sites are more obvious than I expected. I have read in many places that if you hair will grow back, it will grow back on its own without the treatment...is this true? Part of me just feels like I should let whatever's meant to happen just happen. My next appointment is on the 23rd. Any advice? Should I do another round of steroid injections?

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Thanks, Linsey. It's good to hear some positive feedback regarding the steroid shots. Here's a new questions though...what if I don't see any regrowth? Should I still continue with the steroid injection treatment? I think it might still be too early for me to tell...I know the doc said he'd be able to tell how it's working at my next appt (the 23rd)...but as of now, I'm not seeing any action.
Thanks so much for your feedback!

I think it is totally up to you. I got the injections for 2 years and they were fine after a while. I started with prednisone so as long as I tooks the meds I was fine, when I went down the hair came out. I have had AU for over 10 years and it is an adjustment period. The side effects of nothing could ne total hair loss. Are you ready to deal with that? The injections do take time but it could grow again. The injections gave me mild side effects but in the end did work. Do what you are most comfortable with.
Thanks, Trina. Sounds like I should keep trying the injections and hope for regrowth. I'm lucky that at this time, I can still pull my hair back into a pony and cover the spots. But I think that if that changes, it will be a different story.
Actually, yes, that is helpful. Thanks. ;) I will just have to go with the flow and go with my gut.
Hi there, I think I was AU until I was 2 then at 8 I had spots, total and hairloss. For some strange reason it grew back about 90%, then of course the AA started again. During that period of losing (I was a young teenager then and willing to try anything) I tried the scalp injections and they did nothing for me at all. I eventually ended becaming AU (as I am presently and really don't mind at all).

Although the injections didn't work for me I was willing to give it a try. Everyone reacts differently. Recently I shared my AU status with a fellow master gardener and she was surprised to hear it and told me she had AA a few years back. She got the scalp injections and they worked great, she experienced full regrowth and has had no hair loss at in the past 4 years. I also just switched family physicians and my new doctor told me that while in med school he got AA, he tried the scalp injections and they worked for him too!!! He asked if I wanted to give it another try and I declined, I really couldn't care less now.

Go with your gut, there is no right answer, you'll do the right thing, trust yourself :-)

It is very true -- because of the unpredictability of alopecia, it is just as likely that your hair will grow back without medical assistance as it will if you do seek medical treatment. The question is what do YOU want to do? I have spent almost 30 years seeking the latest research, the latest treatments, and subjected my body to more steroid injections, applications, and inhalations more than anyone should ever have to go through, and I am still sitting here bald as an egg, wondering WHY exactly I am putting myself through this for the same results. So I made my decision long ago to screw all the treatments and be myself, and love myself for who I am and not what someone expects me to look like. I've been a lot happier as a result of that.

I can't tell you what to do or not do, because everyone's AA journey is different. I can only advise you to do what you feel is in your best interests. And if you do that every single time, you will be a lot more at peace with yourself, and you will feel a whole lot better. Trust me.
I totally agree with kastababy. Everyone's experience is different and it's all about being comfortable with who you are.

I was diagnosed with AA as a teen and thankfully my dermatologist encouraged me NOT to receive treatments. The side effects never seemed worth it to me. I've been through countless cycles of loss/regrowth since then. Now I have AU and am still confident it will grow back naturally and when it is ready.

Peace in your decision.
Hi Mandy,

If I were you, I would try EVERYTHING to keep the hair you have/regrow the hair you have lost. I started out with spots on my head and didn't do a thing. I now am totally bald and do not have a single strand of hair on my body. Looking back, I wish I would have at least tried treatments. Who knows if the treatments would have changed the course of my disease, but it could have? Always weigh the risks and be very aware of all side effects, then make your decision. I wish you well. Jenn
Hi Mandy,

My 6 year old daughter has had AA for a year now..Currently, she has total hair loss and has tried creams with no success. She is currently doing SADBE which is an irritant. The idea is to produce and allergic response in the form of a rash. The idea is to wake up her hair follicles by confusing her immune system. There is a high success rate. We are in the early stages so I have no comments on how it will work for her yet.
Hi Mandy. I have had three rounds of those injections with no luck. I am starting to feel it is a waste of time and money. My head hurts for at least 1month after those shots and stays red for even longer than that. I am trying a product called nioxin now. I will let you know if it helps. Good luck and take care :)



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