I am wondering if there are any women out there that have universalis who know whether you lose the cilia in your fallopian tubes. I have no cilia in my nostrils, throat...
I am trying to conceive and have had infertility issues in the past and just realized that this could be a problem.

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i have au and conceived 2 kids hun. good luck and fingers crossed x
Hi there, i have a 5 year old son. Have had Alopecia for over ten years and conceived with no problems at all...

I've had AU since i was 11 years old and am a mother of two beautiful girls...gave birth at the ages of 22 and 25. Never had any problems during any of my pregnancies. So i honestly doubt alopecia has anything to do with not getting pregnant..but good luck as u tried.
progesterone levels can effect the fertility and are often low with autoimmune conditions i would be curious to see what yours were when checked
Hmm i have AU for 17 years and conceive very quickly like first time quick i do not think they are linked but could be a possibility now that i am pregnant my hair has stayted to grow so wierd not a hair in 17 years now a frohauk
i have had alopicia since i was 7 and i have two boys the first was easily concieved and the second we tried 3 years for but that was a problem with fibroids i later discovered .
I have been AA since I was 12, and always have had regular cycles. I conceieved immediately after my marriage and had had hair for 10 yrs. As soon as I gave birth my hair all went. I took no birth control and did not conceive again (with the AU completely active) for 3 yrs, no hair came back during the pregnancy. I took some pretty strong birth control after this pregnancy and I took myself off after about a year and 3 months later I conceived #3. No hair regrowth throughout pregnancy again. No plan for more children. All this time my late husband was taking immune suppression medication after having received a double lung transplant before the conception of child #1. Me, with too much immunity and he depleting his on purpose!! God is certainly a miracle working God! Blessings to you on your journey to motherhood!! By the way, I have very healthy children with no signs of auto immnune disorder!!
I have AU and have concevieved and have a son, I don't know so much about if we have probelems with cilia I know in my nose I have none or little as well, but as far as I know no conception proiblems. Good luck! but it is something you should perhaps look into because we are each so different. :)
I am reading this book called It's your hormones by Dr. Remond and he doesn't mention fertility problems with alopecia universalis.. he does mention it for people with thyroid problems. I have universalis and getting pregnant was a huge problem for me before all of my hair fell out but had no idea that I had any thyroid problems at the time.
I don't know if I have any cilia on my fallopian tubes..

Good luck!
Oh christ, don't tell me this!! I thought losing total hair woudl be bad enough, adn just be that, but hearing that it could affect my ability to have kids??? !@#$
It gives me a lot of hope that I could have children that never experience alopecia! I always worry so much that I will pass it on because it definitely runs in the family. My experience was that I had AA until puberty, but during puberty it morphed into totalis. When I was about 14/15, my hair grew back for the most part and for the last ten years it has just been patchy hair loss again. Since the change seems so hormone related, I always wonder if I will experience a worsening of alopecia during pregnancy like I did when I went through puberty. It makes me really nervous about trying to get pregnant in the future...



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