Hi all,
I'm considering getting a Freedom (vacuum/suction) wig. I hear they're great, but that they can be hot. We've been having a lot of hot/humid weather here in Oakville, and I'm already finding my regular wigs to be extremely hot, and my head sweats a lot. How are those of you with suction/vacumm wigs holding up?
Frankly, I can't remember what it felt like to have real hair during these hot summers, but I don't think it was this bad!

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I too do not remember what it was like to manage heat with hair. I know forsure that wearing a wig in the heat can be excrutiatingly uncomfortable. I'm curious to learn more about this "vaccum wig" stuff. I have never even heard of them. How does it work? I actually just got a front lace wig. I haven't yet had it cut to fit and/or learned how to attach it, but I'll keep you posted on it. My understanding (and I could be wrong) is that a front lace wig is attached using either tape or glue and although either can be removed, it generally is intended to stay on longer. Im uncertain about how that will work in my life, but if it's good...I will be sure to let you know. I am going this coming week for my appointment. I know forsure that it's human hair and it looks more natural than my regular human hair wig does and it was waaaaaayyyy less expensive than my human hair wig as well.
Keep me posted please on the vaccum wig method.
Hi Amanda,

I'm not familiar with "front lace wigs". Where did you get it, and about how much was it? What is the rest of the cap like? Do you have a picture?
Vacuum wigs apparently have a light silicone cap that is custom made to fit your head exactly, hence the "vacuum". They too have all human hair and are supposed to be extremely real and natural in appearance.
Here's the website for the vacuum wig manufacturer that I've heard the most about:

Mine wig is around 2 year old and it still looks awesome. i bought from https://shop.wigsbuy.com/

wow, i didnt know this, i've been asking m parents can i get one, but if its going to be hotter than a regualr wig, im not sure if i should get it
Hi Alyssa,
I've been wearing vacuum wigs for over 25 yrs. & Freedom Wigs for 10 yrs. & absolutely love them! Yes, the old version was hot at times (I used to live in hot, humid Atlanta), but the newer, thinner & lighter all silicone version is so much cooler & lighter. I sweat 75% less than I used to with the older version. This thinner wig is called Freedom Hair made by Freedom Wigs of New Zealand & it's the latest technology in a true vacuum wig. I've never had any irritation of the scalp & love the security of the vacuum fit. Check out their site for more info - things have changed in the Freedom Hair vacuum world. Good luck,
Hi Ali

My freedom wig did not work out for me- I had to return it as my order could not be met. But I can tell you that it was hot to wear- and after a while becomes irritating to the scalp, and when shifted/removed is very smelly. It is to be expected really as the scalp cannot breathe. If you live in a hot climate a 'wig wiping break' would need to be built in every couple of hours.

Of course, all wigs are hot in the summer- but a light cap really can help.

Unfortunately you cannot test the vacuum wigs before you buy- I think it depends how 'hot' a person you tend to be. A difficult and potentially expensive decision!

Just wondering, when you wear a hat in the summer, do you need a larger size due to the Freedom wig? Any summer hats you'd recommend? I like Wallaroo hats, but am finding them to be tight on synthetic wigs. Wondering if it is the same problem with the Freedom wigs....

My daughter has worn these wigs for the last 6 years. We also live in a warm part of New Zealand. She has never complained of it being hot. She has never found them smelly either - you must wash the cap out everyday and also wash your head, if you don't do this I can imagine it to be a little unpleasant. It is something that is worn close to the skin, so you must be sensible. This is very easy to do as is washing and caring for the hair.

We have found this wig a godsend to us and our daughter.

I think it would be better to get your information from those who wear these wigs and have worn them regularly for many years. Why don't you talk to Anna Fitzpatrick. She will tell you of her experience as she has been wearing these wigs for most of her adult life. She is one the front page of this site.

Good luck with your investigations. I hope you find something that helps you.

Hi. I thought I may let you know about my experiences with Freedom wigs which has been fantastic.
2 years ago I purchased my first Freedom Vacuum Wig, previous to which I had been wearing synthetic wigs, which had a fine mesh inside. I must say that the Freedom wig has been a huge change to my life and I find that it suits my busy and active lifestyle. I play netball, do aerobics classes, snowskiing, go to the beach and the wig is perfect for all of this. It does not fall off (hated that with the old wigs - quite embarrasing), even when full on skiing down the slopes. I also do not find it hot. Obviously, after a full on aerobics class it is hot and sweaty, but I can just take it off, wipe it out and wipe my head, and then it is on again just like new. What I hated about normal wigs is that the mesh inside becomes all wet and then you have the horrible damp feeling for hours after. I also live in a very hot and humid city during summer (an my head sweats alot), and have not had a problem during summer, at least no hotter than a normal wig. Once again not having that dampness on the inside of the wig is much more pleasant for my scalp. Also I do not get that itchy feeling that I used to get.
2 weeks ago I got a new Freedom Wig in which they have developed a new generation of silicone vacuum caps. It is far more flexible and soft, therefore more comfortable and lighter to wear, but is also breathable - vapour permeable it is called. Lets the water vapour out which makes it feel cooler. With my first Freedom when the inside of the cap gets really sweaty underneath it does get a bit slippery, but this new one does not do that at all. I have only had it for a couple of weeks, but already I love it and it feels cooler. You do need to wash out the inside of the cap daily (sometimes I do not do it daily but it is fine), otherwise the sweat would start making it smell, but it only takes a minute or two.
If you are looking for a really secure option, and something that also you to do sports and activities that you normally do (even babies trying to pull your hair), I think that these wigs are a really good option. It took me years to make the step to buy one, but now I am really so please that I have. It allows me to do all the things I love to do, and with hair. Personally I think that they are worth considering if you are looking for a secure, real looking and flexible wig option. No one even knows that it is a wig! Good luck

I just received my freedomwig in Australia, and live in the USA.
So while I visted for a couple of months downunder..waited for three months until the prosthesis was ready.
I haven't worn wigs or scarves since 1981.As in 1982 I decided to go completely bald.Yes..It was hard.
However, that's another story.I had the wig cut, styled and coloured.
I really think..that even though I have to shave every day if I wish to wear it...as you cannot have any hair at all, or it just wont suction."LUCKY FOR Alopecia Universalis.I think it's worth the discomfort..after all it feel good getting that patchy, spars hair off your head.Shaving it carefully and not to rub too hard.then cold water helps after...well I like it that way, however a toner is a good idea after shaving.Maybe olay or any you may like.
I got back lash from family that I don't wear it..but who are they to tell me how to wear and when to wear it.
So...I love it....but not in the Heat.
Air condition is fine and you don't have to wear it all that long....just for special occasions, how about that!
It stays on tight..it suctions so well that as long as you are cool, especially winter is great.
You hardly feel it on your scalp...because it's not sitting on the scalp like a bandana/scarf or other wig.
I could never wear any wigs due to the pressure.
It would give me headaches and neck pain. The freedom suction, vacume wigs are laser designed to mold exactly to your scalp and leave plenty room for spectacles/sun glasses.
They do not push your ears out, and it can be molded way above your Vertabra, as to not interfere with your neck in case of herniated disk..or protrusions/bulges, as most wigs for me sit right in the nape of the neck and push /move some what.
Wigs never fit my head even with the tightening straps...the hell of that pressure was horrible..they were way to large.
Also too itchy....see the freedom wig simply while it suctions..feels like second to nothing on your head, in comparison to anything else.
You have no worries about how to move....you eventually get the ability to flip!
Also..if you are really desperate to swim in it..it can be done..but I wouldn't advise it too often, cause chlorine changes the color and you want to love your wig as you love yourself!
I recommend you invest in one..I also know that because they are a steep price $$$...this is also why you wear it lovingly and not over wear it..meaning it's delicate and you cannot sleep in it or abuse it..or it will go "BALD"
Besides I'm allergic to Synthetic wigs !
So this is ideal as you have real hair chosen for you with love....personally.
Anyway.....It's a miracle...even though it has some short comings.."I LOVE IT"
Like I say......Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
i have the same fear, i often wonder how cutting off air getting to the scalp is healthy! (mind you i run a bit hotter anyway - i call it having my own personal summers)

i am investing in a full lace wig, where it can be adhered to the head, cheaper than a vacuum wig but can be attached full perimeter, and can be worn up away from the neck in a high pony tail (which sometimes i think is why its SO DARN HOT in wigs, you cant get them up and off your neck/face without showing hairline)

check out www.rpgshow.com or www.mslola.com for what i am talking about in full lace wigs, or google them on youtube. you cant even tell you have them on!
Yes........so darn hot and that's why I go bald...not going to live in fear and discomfort for any one, ever again.
Like I say...I shall never be a "PRISONER IN MY OWN LIFE"
Let them judge......let them point....let them perceive......let them laugh ha ha ha ha!
Who gives a damn about me anyway.....are they going home with me......No!
Do they know me........No!
So who cares anyway........I can be free!
My body temprature was already high due to immune disease....plus hard to adjust body temprature in winter.
Yet...that is good for the freedom wig!
Anyway...the air on my head...is my way of dealing with my own personal freedom.



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