This from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's Pharmaceutical Journal, May 10, 2016:

"There are no clinically proven treatments. However, this bleak clinical picture could be about to change as genetic discoveries point the way to new drug targets. But companies with the financial clout to make a difference need to do the necessary clinical trials if new treatments are to be licensed."

Click here to read the entire article, which discusses several "promising treatments."

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Thank you for sharing....
I believe mine in genetic as I have an Aunt with Total hair loss mine is Alopecia Aerta..
So get more concerned for my children of grandchildren.

Thank you for sharing with us i have alopecia too.

Good article hopefully there will be multiple drugs to help all of us with AA.

i hope so

I have been in the Incyte trial now for 3 months. It is a double blind study, meaning not even the doctors or staff who administer the drug or follow up with the lab work knows if I received the drug or the placebo. So far I have no hair regrowth. The doctors keep encouraging me to stay in the study for 3 more months, at that time I WILL get the drug and not the placebo and it will go on for another six months. I am excited to be in This study and hope that one day a treatment will be found that is suitable for everyone even children, and one that is approved not only by the fda but is also recognized by insurance companies so the cost will be covered.
That's fantastic news please keep us updated!!

Everyday I wish for my hair to come back. I can't imagine how wonderful it would be. In September it will be 10 years since I lost all of my hair.

Thanks for sharing. As a 47 year old who has had progressive alopecia since I was 5..any ray of hope is still great! I have always felt that because it is still considered cosmetic, research has not been very aggressive. I am curious though how do I get into a clinical study? I tried many, many different things, both medical and natural, none that have worked very well. BUT, I am always willing, since I am completely sans hair, seriously what do I have to lose :)?

as for the genetics, I have no one in my family as far as I can tell for 3 generations. The opposite actually they all have beautiful thick hair!

My dermatologist doesn't take insurance you have to bill them separately.Keep coming back unpaid figured I'm filling them out wrong and decided to call my insurance company.They told me we don't cover hair loss treatments!I told them this is an autoimmune diseases not much luck.Thats the whole problem no one takes this seriously.
This is actually really informative. I'm due to see derm
Next week and challenge them on this.
Thanks a lot.

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