I've had alopecia universalis for 14 years and convential medical treatments in my opinion do not address the cause.I've recently became a certified nutritionist and I've changed my diet in the last 4 years and have done a slow chelation treatment using Chlorella and I have grown 60 per cent of my head hair back with eye brows starting to sprout as well in the last two years. I would like to do a study of Alopecia sufferers by blood type as I feel there is a strong correlation. If you would like to submit your blood type please send me your blood type and RH factor ex: A+ O- etc and when I get a large enough sampling I will post results. I'm a type O+ BTW

The Normal distributions for blood types in North America is 0(45%) A (42%) B(10%) AB(3%). My hypothesis is that people with alopecia will be mostly O's and in greater percentages than the general population makeup...instead of 45%...maybe 70%+ O's

if you don't know your blood type you can buy a very inexpensive kit here


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O negative for me.
What the American Heart Association wants the public to understand about chelation therapy. and why some people report feeling well while others become ill.

I'm against conventional chelation therapy...too hard on one's system
Hi Mike,

Recently I have read of chronic pain sufferers having success with chelation treatment - interesting I never thought about it for AA! CONGRATS on the re-growth!

Blood type-- O+
A+ for me
Hi, Mike. I am AB+
Please tell me how you have changed your diet and gotten so much of your hair back! I know heavy metals can be a problem for people (and 6 years ago, long before my alopecia, I changed all my fillings to composites) but chlorella seems like tricky stuff. I've heard some people get ill using it. Apart from my hair falling out, I feel otherwise healthy.

Love to hear what YOU have to say about that subject as well as diet!


what a chance after all ...
Hi Mike,
I am O+ as well. I am interested in what your diet entails. I have also read great things about chlorella, what's the dosage? Are you working with a nutritionist to do all this?
Oh!!! You are a nutritionist!
O+ here.
A- for me. I received an injection in the butt for each of my 2 pregnancies since I'm RH negative. DANG! That hurt. Kenalog injections are nothing compared to that.
0 - for me



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