I’m specifically looking at this one: https://newlacecu.com/product/customized-vacuum-wig-total-self-adhe...

I keep seeing plugs for newlacecu wigs on here. I know the one I’m looking at is not a true vacuum wig since it looks mixed with lace or something but might hold onto a bald head better than a regular lace wig.

I currently use lace wigs with got 2b glue but doesn’t hold up when I get sweaty. I use wig bands on the lazy days. I haven’t tried a freedom wig, the hairline on those don’t look as real to me even with the baby hairs and the cost seems too high for the edges to not look real but maybe that’s what I have to sacrifice for a wig I can be more active with.

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I used IT Stays Body Adhesive and the only time I ever had issues with my wig moving was if I got super sweaty, and even then it just became a little loose. I was completely bald though. I wore it to the beach, the pool, any out door activities, running, strong wind, etc. I rolled it on my forehead and wore lace wigs and it was perfect!

I'll look into that, thanks!

I have a freedom wig.  I just ordered another one, short.  1st is long and very very hot, I live in South West Florida, so can't wear it,  If you get the right hair dresser, baby hairs shouldn't be a problem. Sounds like you may like to wear it in a pony tail.

I would loveee to wear my hair in a pony tail and also a top knot. I'll keep an open mind about freedom wigs once we're allowed to be out again.

I have a couple suggestions. First before you order from them you can see they are overseas. That being said, it might take a bit more investigation on your part. I do not see what type of hair is being used. The wig cap looks good, but that does not really look like a vacuum wig. Also for a vacuum type wig I am sure they need to take a mold of your head. It is a good idea to be sure that you understand it is difficult to return something to China and the cost and aggravation could be more than you bargained for. There is a experienced woman in Northern California that offers truly sincere and honest guidance. Her company is Chris for Hair. She offers professional advice whether or not you decide to order from her. A wig cap is one thing, the way the hair is ventilated in is critical and the quality of hair and type of hair is important as well. Give some thought to my concerns and try to work with companies or individuals that you can trust. The wig business can be very stressful to those of us who are trying to find the best for ourselves or those we love.

Yes, I agree. I've been trying to find more info about them. It looks like they're an Italian company but get the hairs from China or it's manufactured in China? I looked at their social platforms and youtube and it's all in Italian. But either way, that still deals with shipping and receiving overseas, I'm located in the US. I do get my lace wigs from a place called Hairvivi which is definitely in China but it's real hair but definitely not the highest quality. It's just a solution for now until I can figure out which direction to go. 

Thanks for all your thoughts and will definitely keep them in mind as I continue my search!

Hi!  You may want to research the CNC Hair Replacement System from Italy!  Not sure where you are located, but Lisa Ferested is in Atlanta  at  LISA FERESTAD SALON LLC.  She is a caring and wonderful hair professional who helps people with Alopecia and works with this great product.!  

Like anything, worthwhile, it is pricey, but hopefully it will be the "game changer" everyone says it is for them!  More later.  Good Luck!


Oh I've never heard of it, I'll look into it, thank you!

Update on our CNC system!  

Traveled to GA for our pick up appt.  Happy to report that it truly has been a life changer!  Can finally shower with hair again, swim, go out on a boat, and feel "normal" again!  Color was done exactly by my stylist in Atlanta, who was the person to guide me through the whole process.  Simply amazing.....the saying goes, "you get what you pay for" and this was definitely pricey, but the results have been priceless!!!  The beauty and natural look, as well as the confidence and smile that resulted was worth every penny!  Please take a look at the site and let me know if I can answer any questions.  

Never heard about that company dear! So, I can’t tell whether to buy that wig or not. I would recommend you to buy a breathable hair wig from a trustable company. I brought a Full French lace wig from Lordhair 2 months ago and can say that it’s pretty lit. Its base is fully breathable, lightweight, and comfy. The Remy hair on the top provides me with a hyper-realistic look. 

I live in Miami, Florida and it gets pretty hot over there. This hair wig keeps my scalp cool. I don’t make a lot of money every month but this hairpiece fits my budget. In the end, I would recommend you to buy a breathable hair wig from a reputed company.

Here’s the hair wig that I use: 


I wish my answer will help you out dear! 

Thanks for your thoughts, yeah I've decided to stick to more trusted and reviewed places :)



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