I'm a 41 year old father of 2 . I live in rhode island. I have had alopecia for 9 years now. It is what caused my divorce as I shut down from the world. Was wondering how do all of you date with alopecia , as I am having a hard time to get myself out there again not easy that's for sure.

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This is my suggestion, if Alopecia was the cause of your divorce then before  you start dating you need to work on those issues so that you can approach this new chapter of your life without those things that we destructive. You will just end up in the same place again. If your can find time to go to therapy and work through some of these issues it will be very beneficial. These new coping skills may be helpful with your existing  relationships and  with your children too. It is so important for your kids to see you as strong and able to handle your condition. 

Let me just say this, if Alopecia controls your life, then it will control those lives you love around you and that is not fair. Get help and talk to those that are supportive and really try to make changes to those issues that are damaging.  Best of luck to you and your family. Michael J Fox said, " happiness comes in proportion to acceptance". 

I second this! Why would someone else love you if you can't even love yourself?

First of all, I am so sorry that you have to deal with this rotten condition.  While people usually feel more understanding towards females with alopecia, in some ways, it is harder for men.  Women have many very  natural-looking wigs from which to choose.  They also have loads of makeup they can apply for missing brows and lashes.  Apart from that, people are usually more emotionally supportive and sympathetic towards females with hair loss than they are towards males.  It has been my experience as well that females are more likely to reject bald males than males are to reject bald females.  All of these statements are just my opinion, but I am telling you this to let you know that your feelings are perfectly justified.  First of all, I would let my prospective dates know as soon as possible.  You could just tell them that if they cannot accept your condition, you would like to know now.  You can tell them you need to know upfront because life is short, and you do not want to waste your time or theirs.  Personally, I have let people know that I have no intentions of "coddling" anyone about my AU.  If anyone deserves to be "coddled", it's the person with the alopecia, not the other person. Since I am not asking for that, I don't see why they should should expect it.  Having said all that, I think you should try to put yourself out there.  I honestly believe that you might be pleasantly surprised.  Look at all the men who purposely have their heads, and still don't see to have trouble attracting women.  I know this is a rough journey, and I am sending  you hugs and best wishes for a happy outcome.  

meant to say "shave" their heads--not "have" their heads!

Ty Th for your comments . I do let my date no upfront that way they can decide what they want. For me I don't mind my head bald head as I have an athletic body in good shape it goes good together lol . It's my eyebrows that hurt the most.

You're right.  Men who bald and in good shape are very attractive to a lot of women.  But, I agree that the eyebrows are tough.  I use an eyebrow pencil and no one knows--not so easy for a man.  But I have to admit that when it's hot, and sweat is pouring down my forehead, there is no protection for my eyes, and it's very uncomfortable.

There is a great blog on Alopecia World that you may want to check out.

The 'Third Date Rule' 


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