Hey everyone! I'm so happy that I found out about this alopecia foundation. I really hope it will help me. To start of, I should say that now I'm 19 years old and I started loosing my hear at age 11. I became completely bald, lost all of my eyebrows and body hair except my eyelashes. After 3 years my hair grew back and everything was "okey" again. Before 1.5 years my hair started falling out again but slowier this time..Now I'm 19 and I'm studying Cosmetology in Lithuania.the hairloss became so bad I had to purchase a wig because without it I wouldn't feel feminine or girly. However this time everything is different..I made a huge step in my life and I started telling people that I am wearing a wig and I have alopecia. It was so liberating. As I said I'm studying Cosmetology and some practise began like massages and etc. And a lot of people know that I wear a wig but I'm not sure that my whole group nows(about 50 girls). And I'm constantly overthinking if during my next massage practise someone accidentally touches my wig or pulls it a bit.. also I'm worried that next year when there will be a lot of face procedures like face exfoliation or eyebrows procedures.. and it makes me nervous only of thinking how many awkward moments there might be. But I can't live like this because I will go crazy. I can't put my self in so much stress because of what other people will say, how they will react and how awkward it is going to be.
CAN SOMEONE please give me some advice on coping with this sort of situation and how to overcome this worry because I can't take it anymore. Life has much more important things. The thing is that other people with alopecia tell people once and thats it. For me -it'diferent, for upcoming 3 years I will have to be ready and stable enough to tell people to be carefull with my wig and etc while massaging my head and etc. SOMEBODY HELP THIS SITUATION IS A MESS. thank you!!

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Dear Amuneta,

First of all studying Cosmetology  is an opportunity to educate your fellow students as to what exactly Alopecia Areata is. As a future hair dresser you might come across clients with different variations of Alopecia. If I were you I would have a private conversation with the lead instructor and ask them how to go about reducing the amount of stress you are carrying. Maybe how you could use what has happened to you to educate others so they may be of assistance to those that have medical hair loss. It is easy for me to make this suggestion, but what has happened to you could be used to help others and at the same time help you to heal. As the mother of a daughter with AU I have taken this very sad episode in my life to help others with finding the best wigs possible. I have learned everything I possible can about human hair wigs that truly look and feel natural.I truly believe that this type of support has made my daughters journey that much more tolerable. She lives an amazing life with a wonderful boyfriend, friends and co workers that love her. Alopecia does not define her life in any way shape or form   I help others obtain the best human hair wigs possible or find the most natural eyelashes or use makeup artist to bring themselves to a place of comfort. Every person I help truly helps me find pieces of comfort since my daughter lost all of her hair. Now, what you have is the opportunity to help others. You see when we help others we stop thinking of our own loss and sadness. Trust me that giving to others will help you ten fold. Now talk to your lead instructor, go on the internet or NAAF, the National Alopecia Areata Foundation and obtain written material on Alopecia and prepare a presentation so that you can equipt others with good information on AA. I hope you consider my thoughts but either way, dont overthink this. Lastly, now a days people wear hair extensions, draw on their eyebrows and wear eyelashes. There is never a good time to have Alopecia but thank goodness their are great wigs, wonderful cosmetics and kind people who are not all that judgemental . Good luck and friend me if you want and I will be there for you too. All my best, no go talk to that instructor of yours. You will be surprised at how many people are loving and compassionate. All my Best, ALO MOM

I am also happy of this foundation!

Now the topic here says something based on Dealing with alopecia at college every day in case you find essay writers there to look into this matter now. I hope this will offer you something to learn about or maybe you can work on it later in the further years of information.

I think that you need to get an education in college, despite all the obstacles. I also have the same disease. But he was able to finish his studies and create his own company to produce corporate badges to order. The main thing is to believe in yourself and your strength.

Since you're studying Cosmetology, you might want to consider working in a wig prosthesis shop.  When I go to them, I usually find that a lot of the girls working in them are bald.   You also might want to consider learning how to make wigs.   Since you have the worry that someone might pull your wig off, you might want to think about getting a custom made vacuum prosthesis that can't be pulled off.     

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So sad for you, but don't be felt awkward with the others, be courage, it's a common thing, and currently I am facing that situation, Actually I am an undergraduate student and 22-year-old, but I don't care about what people will say after at seeing my head, just I wear Leaser cap which I got through Kiierr coupons, one of my friend suggested me to try this, and I am feel much different from before, and please concentrate on your studies and don't afraid with that, It's just a natural thing.



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