I did not catch the interview they had with her, but her dancing is amazing.  She wore no wig or makeup. 

"The 18-year-old dancer from Indiana was born with Alopecia Areata which made her stand out automatically in appearance but even more with her dancing. She took her condition and used it to her advantage by creating a character for her performance. She called herself an alien who was afraid to be around others. And holy crap, did she deliver. Her alien side came alive and got her a ticket straight through to Vegas."


Here is her dance audition:

You are beautiful, Franchesca Bass!

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Amazing! And, so BEAUTIFUL@@

Yes! My 9 year old daughter has alopecia and we watch this together every season. She came running into the kitchen to tell me this girl was on... she is beautiful and amazingly talented! What an inspiration to my daughter who also loves to dance yet didn't want to take dance class this past year because of her alopecia... we are going back in the Fall! I hope she gets in the top 10!!!!

Took a lot of courage. She fully embraced the power of our uniqueness with Alopecia. We are more.

Amazing! I'm pretty sure she has Alopecia Universalis:)
Nice! I hope she makes it far. Gotta show my daughter her dance, she would love it. I didn't catch it but I did see the alopecian on American Ninja Warrior. Kevin Bull had the fastest qualifying time on the opening show, that guy was awesome!

This is about the best advertising for this condition. I was going to say, did anyone know just what it was that she had Cancer, etc, before you said that she must have mentioned the reason for her condition. Like I always said, the worst symptom of this illness is ignorance. Im 58 and have had alopecia universalis for over 45 yrs. Mark in MIlw.

Amazing dancer, strong young woman. Great for alopecia awareness.

Loved it, she is wonderful and so glad she is rightfully moving on in the competition. Franchesca does the alien thing great and those of us with alopecia can relate but she can pull off any persona in the world because her bald beauty makes her shine. She is beautiful! I will be cheering for her!

She was awesome! Her parents must be so proud of her!

I don't watch the show....but that is awsome.  I love when people are brave and live their life to the fullest.

I have AU.  There is a guy on the current season of American Ninja Warrior that made the first cut that has AU. 

He is a pretty great athlete to make it that far.  Keep an eye out for him. 

My friend who also has alopecia called me and told me about it. We are very excited about Franchesca Bass! 

I didn,t see the show, just saw the video, WHAT A GUTSY LADY AND SO TALENTED, GOD BLESS HER.



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