I know there have been many questions about regrowth, so I apologize if this is redundant. Most of my hair fell out over the past couple of years, but I have had some regrowth. Currently I have thick white hair in a strip about three inches wide on top, and sparse white hairs over much of the rest of my head. I have perhaps 10-12 normal pigmented hairs left that seem to have never fallen out. I last shaved in August, and my white hair is over an inch long. Since the white hair shows no signs of becoming pigmented, I'm wondering if the best I can hope for is a head of white hair (and I would be thrilled with that at this point, though it doesn't seem likely). To complicate matters, I am 47 and was getting a noticeable amount of gray before this started, but I resist the idea that I actually had all this gray and it was revealed when alopecia struck--I wasn't a skunk before, I really wasn't! And bare spots now have white hair. I also have vitiligo, which has erased much of the pigment in my body, but I haven't observed it to clearly affect hair pigment.

Does alopecia just turn whatever hair there is white in some people, and that's that?

Definitely the white hair is an advantage if/when I choose to shave my head, because even the thick stubble is pretty invisible.

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i'm not sure, but i think the reason the regrowth is white and staying white is because of the vitiligo.  i have the same thing and even the hair on my arms comes back white/silver.  that is what i believe to be true.  good luck!

My hair came back pigmented.  More greys than before, but I am getting older.  I'm guessing it's your vitiligo causing your white hair.  I'll take white hair over no hair!  :)

I had a section of hair that came in coarse and white. I actually plucked most of it it out because it was on my hairline and looked very odd. Eventually it grew in the original color and texture. I'm not suggesting you do the same, just that is seemed very odd to me too. When my spots grew in all over my head, whatever had been grey before was grey again. 

I have experienced alopecia totalis with regrowth starting as soft white hairs on the top of the head and some patches elsewhere. Overtime the hairs changed to a more normal texture and pigment usually after about 2-3 inches of growth. It gives the appearance of a reverse frost job! I now have about 95 percent regrowth with just a few scattered bald spots. Each time an area starts to recover for me the hairs have been white. it seems to be part of the healing process. Another surprise for me was that once my hair got to the normal pigment stage, it also became curly. So a natural frost and lots of curls was a sweet gift after dealing with the frustrations of a few years of hair loss.

Hi LaNae,

Can you tell us how you grew 95 % of your hair back after experiencing totalis? 

I would love to hear what worked for you.

Alopecia is so unpredictable! It may have been luck. But I also have been faithful too a regimine of vitamin D, vitamin B12, biotin, and magnesium. All of these were suggested by doctors noting my deficiencies.

Thank you for sharing.  I'm also on vitamin D, vitamin B complex that contains all the B's, Biotin-10,000 micrograms, fish oil, B6, a multivitamin, and lots of green drinks for about a month.  Hopefully that will help me.  I read that applying onion juice to the hair is helpful for grey hairs.

My 22 year old daughter has had Alopecia Universalis for about 5 years now.  Doing absolutely nothing, she has had a great deal of regrowth over the past 6 months.  Probably 25-30% now and we continue to see it spreading.  God only knows what will happen to this hair because it is so unpredictable, but we are appreciative for what she has right now.

I don't have any answers, but I can tell you that I have regrowth now and it totally platinum white. I am a few years older than you and I had some gray hair when my Alopecia struck, but nothing like this. This is totally white. It is about an inch long and it is growing very slowly. There is an area on top that looks as if there is darker pigmented hair coming through, but it has not changed in weeks. My doctor told me that it comes in without pigment sometimes, and then sometimes the pigment comes back and sometimes it doesn't. Just like everything else, there is no way to tell. I don't think I have enough hair yet to be able to color it and go without the wig. I'm interested to read what others have to say.

I have little white baby like hair growing in and over the past few weeks they are getting pigment back, little patches of pigment. I look like a dalmatian on top and crop circles on the sides and back. So yes the pigment can come back.

For me when my hair grew back it was white or opaque. Eyebrows were totally opaque which was bad, because even thought they were growing back they were hard to see. It takes 1-3 months then all my hair went back to its natural color. Only 50% of my hair was white but after 3 months it went back to my normal color.

I have a couple of answers the first is I know that pigment and vitamin b are intertwined so try taking vitamin b.  Second answer is when I was 2 I lost ALL my hair except for 3 strands on the top of my head they later turned white, my hair all grew in again (not sure how long that took) but after that threw out my childhood I would loose patches.  But those three strands stayed white and strong...lol.  When I was 17 I started to loose all my hair and by around 19 it was all gone including those white strands(I'm 47 now).  So to answer your question No Alopecia does not just turn your hair white I think it attacks and depending upon your immune system and other factors that is the damage that is done...I have a friend who also has Alopecia and Vitiligo <3



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