Many people wear hairpieces for many different reasons.  Such as to blend in, stand out, perhaps you are the type to who prior to alopecia, always went to the salon or enjoyed doing your hair.

What are your reasons for wearing or even not wearing a wig?

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I don't wear hair (I don't like the word wig) because I want to be myself. And I think that if we all went bareheaded then people would get used to it and wouldn't stare/be surprised.

Barehead, I totally stand that.  Seeing more bald people in public can helps with raise awareness and get the conversation started.  For instance, no matter what side you come on with the Jada and Will situation most people now know what alopecia is.

On my job, it is expected I wear a wig rather than scarves. I absolutely hate wigs  which causes skin breakouts. 

my job let me go bareheaded. but I started that when the pandemic started so I have never gone to court bareheaded and am not looking forward to doing that. And in the winter I wear caps because it is too cold.

I wear one. Two main reasons - 1. I like the way I look better with one on, and 2. I don't want people I do business with to think I'm sick. 

I can totally understand you making the choice based on your preferences. 

But I do have a question, what would be wrong with people thinking you were sick?

I’ve always worn a wig - 48 years and counting.  I think I look better than without one.  I don’t like to have to explain to people. It isn’t any of their business!  

To blend in, and not have to answer 1,0001 questions.

Understandable.  I find that I don't get question as often as I did many years ago.

I use to have hair down to my knees (I kid you not).  I've stopped wearing hair (also don't like the word wig - makes me think of old ladies).  I don't wear them because even my expensive ones are hot and uncomfortable.  I've also got use to what I look like without hair so when I put hair on I think it looks strange.  I look like a total bad ass without hair.

I find I look strange with now hair too.  Interestingly enough the same way I felt when I first stop wearing wigs.  "I look like a total bad ass without hair"  LOL!  Love it!

No, I have enough hair and don't need a wig. I may have to  if I lose most of my hair.  In addition to FFA, I have scars and a mishapen skull from surgery when I was 4 months old to open prematurely closed sutures on the occipital lobe (back of the skull).

Ironically, I wore a wig when I was in my 20s when I had plenty of hair.  They were popular in the late 1960s and early 70s.  It saved time if I could not do my hair and protected me from cold winters.



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