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Posted by Maura on July 22, 2012 at 6:01pm in Acceptance and coping
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I know no one wants to hear this or make it public not any of our doctors not any of the cancer groups no one but I am with a group of ladies from all over tHE USA and UK and India and Canada everywhere you can imagine and the ONLY thing we have in common is years of no hair growing back because of us taking this drug and not being told of the side effects. When you are diagonalized with cancer you must know your life is not yours its the doctor you trust to be honest. Some of the ladies I deal with are the smartest and the most intelligent as far as using our imagination to be able to work and live a life. I like so many of them isolate myself on weekends when I dont have to work. In over 4 years I have gotten some hair back to not wear a piece but a fake bun type thing but I still am very very thin and scattered and this is since 2008. I feel the only reason I have had any growth is using vitamins and Rogaine and letting the sun hit it but if this is all there is I am single over 60 and seem to be a attractive lady for my age not ugly I mean but this makes you feel you are not able to put your self out there. Oh yes no hair not a string anywhere else arms any area women have hair. I am not sure what is going to help me by coming here another thing we all had in common is the thickest hair before all this. Still after 4 years I fend myself looking at peoples heads amazed by all the hair follicles. I will have to go back to my piece this winter or my head will freeze and they dont make a piece that is comfortable I had to come up with over 1400 for something that looked like my old hair short and thick and also its real hair is there anywhere to find good quality that wont break the bank I do live in MO if that is any help. Thanks M

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I hope you could find one.

Hi Maura,
you kinda rang a bell with me there, with the chemo thing. Not me personally, but my wife... I've never mentioned this on here, cos this place isn't about "me" and it's never been relevant till now, but when she had ovarian cancer back in '96, there was very little mention of hair loss at all, never mind on a permanent basis. As it happened, her 1st "round" didn't cause any hair loss at all (so probably why no mention), but when the cancer subsequently returned and they tried the same cocktail, she had a toxic shock reaction that almost killed her, and had to switch drugs once she'd recovered. This time, she did lose her hair, but not only did they still not talk about hair loss (I assume because they thought she'd already had the discussion the first time?), they failed to mention that you could have a free wig on the British NHS system. Great.
It was only by doing our own research that we found that chemo-induced hair loss can, in a small number of cases, be permanent. Anyway, her hair did grow back, but she had to have another round 12 months later which caused her hair to go again.... this time she didn't get over it, although it was renal failure that actually got her in the end.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is, yeah, sometimes the docs and nurses can get it slightly wrong. But I think they're doing the best they can, and you've gotta cut 'em a little slack.... as you'll have discovered, having no hair might not be a fun ride, but it sure beats the alternative! You need to get it together to have some fun at the weekends - never mind anyone else, it's YOUR life, so get out there and enjoy it! Don't ever let yourself get to the point where you're saying "I wish I'd...", or "if only..."
I expect your next discussion to be all about where you've been and what you've done.... or else :)

Thanks I feel for your wife too it was Taxaotore in 2008 for me and I do use my imagineation sir now I am a young 60 year old single woman and I try and dress it up I got a piece most peole put on as a bun I put it on to hide my bald crown and rub the heck out of the front of the hair to make bangs as I said before I would love to have my normal hair back if I go without anything everyone wants to know if all my tests came back normal yu cannot believe the nerve of people one lady I told NO not sure how long I have do you know how long you have she shut up quickly ...I do find some humor in it and I know I am here for my 3 sons and my dog and work so thanks I am keeping my chin up and anything else I can find that needs lifting at 60 ha...Going to families in Boston in August and Sept maybe Florida this winter for a long weekend if money allows...

Life does tend to throw some odd curves, but sometimes all you can do is roll with 'em and make the best of situations. But humour is definitely a good way to deal with stuff - once you've started laughing at a thing, it loses a lot of its power over you.
That story of the woman asking you how long you'd got reminds me of when I was much younger - at weddings, aunts and uncles would come up to me and squeeze my cheeks, cackling at me, "Your turn soon!" They soon stopped after I started saying the same thing to them at funerals.

... no, of course I didn't really say that!! Deffo thought it, though :)

Good sense of humor has got me through allot of things in life for sure I believe in it even when I was being diagnosed my sister and I would laugh at some of the things I had to go through and how dumb the doctor was in MO before I went to Boston we had to laugh did enough crying ...have a laughing week ahead 100 and above in Mo here hot..

I had ovarian cancer at 32 and did not have an issue wiht losing hair. Now at 49 I have lost most of my hair. When I went to my derm she mentioned to me that she sees a large number of women who have lost their hair due to chemo and it is not growing back. She told me that her patients tell her that the loss of hair is more tramatizing than the cancer. I can sort of relate to that. I seemed to sort of emotionally breeze through the cancer but the hair loss knocked me on my arse. I am not sure why doctors do not tell patients about the hair issues but I guess they may feel it will only add stress and it only happens to a few - still I like to be fully informed and am not a fan of any doctor deciding what I should and should not be told about.

LilyBell I was not tramitized as much about loosing my breast I did get it rebuilt doesnt look the same but that does not bother me as long as I have my health but the hair thing is the worst and I was in denial until I found a place to talk to people on the BC site who had the same problem. Men can sue for not being able to have SEX after takking a pill for hair loss women have no pill and we cant sue for hair loss from chemo because the drug company wont deal with it and the doctor said its the drug so its a no way win. I know God has heard me cry and beg till I am num from it I am single and dont care about the boob gone but I want my crown back and I want to age normally as any young 60 year old deserves to do.

Well, I am about to be 60 and I think I am fine and normal, even without hair anymore. I am in a sunny state, have fruits and veggies galore, rivers and lakes, and art shows with wine, cheese, munchies and jazz. I got my education/marriage/kids/traveling in life, and can paint, draw and write. Friends are the spice of life. So, who is to say what anyone DESERVES at any age? A lot of it we just have to go out and get for ourselves, eh? I hope your health stays good for the NEXT 40 years!

Amen Tallgirl so glad you have such a happy lookout I try really I do and most days I am fine with all and I have talked to the best in the world through good and bad God he is here to listen all the time no one else will be but he is always..:)

I see that this is an old thread, but when I saw it, I had to reply.  I am one of those people who had chemo for breast cancer-taxitere was in the cocktail (TAC) and my hair did not grow back.  I finished chemo 14 months ago and waited for the promised regrowth that would happen in 3 to 6 months.  A small amount grew back, maybe 10% of my hair (and that is probably a high estimate).  Little did I think, when I purchased my wig for chemo that I would be in a wig for life.  I am not sure why there is so little information on this issue and why the doctors and pharma companies don't let you know of this side effect.  I just found a website that talks about this issue and says that the incidence could be as high as 6% of women treated with taxitere for breast cancer.  Anyway, I am glad to find that there are others out there and would appreciate any success stories of women who were able to grow their hair back. 



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