Hi all,

I have a weird question - my hair seems to be growing back, and it's gotten to the point now that I'm wondering whether I should actually try and grow it out...

I wear a freedom wig, and I'm totally adapted to wearing it now, works fine for me, so I'm happy to keep wearing it, but I started growing patches that I had to shave. I slowly realized they were growing more and more, to the point now where I seem to have only 2 dime size patches that DON'T have hair. It's dark (which is weird, because I was blond!) and my eyebrows etc have grown back, though those are still blonde.

I got AU in 2015, at 37 (no signs before) and all my hair head and body fell out in about 2 months. No changes, diet lifestyle or otherwise since then. I just cried a bit, got a wig, and keep mountain biking, climbing and drinking beer...

I guess my question is, is there any point going through the awkward transition / growing hair out phase, to see if it will grow, or is this just a phase, and it will fall out again? Don't really mind either way, just curious if it's worth it?? Has anyone had experiences with this?

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I have a Freedom Wig and if my hair ever started growing, I would grow it out in a  heart beat.  Freedom Wigs are HOT.  I live in SW Florida.

I lost my hair about at your age.  I'm now 71.  It did grow back but not for 10 years.  I kept it for 20 years, at which point it all fell out.  My mother died in 2010, stressful.  Anyway it's still all gone and I have no hopes of it ever coming back.

Hi Pamela,

That's great to know! I love my freedom wig, and I live in coastal BC, so it's only hot for 1 month a year haha.

It's good to know the cycles can sometime be longer, I figured it's not worth if it's going to start falling out in less than 6 months, but it does seem ridiculous to keep shaving it when it's my whole head! We'll see how long I can keep it, then I'll have the freedom wig ready when it falls out again. :) Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Hi there, I have had alopecia on and off for a million years, and my hair comes and goes, but I choose to believe it will stay. Over my millionaire history with alopecia, I have grown it back fully from AT probably 10 times. I do have the attitude when it grows back that this time I'm done. I have hair, and I stopped wearing wigs and hats and it is wonderful. It stinks when it falls out again but I think attitude is everything. I'd rather believe it will stay and enjoy it then stress about having it and worrying when that other shoe will drop! Enjoy the re growth

Courtney, thank you for sharing. I know you can cut the cycle of hair/no hair. Its all about health. I dedicate myself to helping others with their alopecia and putting it in remission. My methods are all natural and holistic. I had alopecia, then with changes and action, my hair grew back and is back to normal... same with my clients, who have experienced it for much longer than me. (10-15 years on average for my clients.) I'm happy to help, let me know if you'd like more info. 


I would love to know your methods.  I have AA but lost all body hair as well as head hair. and went AU  This is my 4th time of falling out.  

I thought this time was different as it is thickening up and growing long in about 75 % of places but since tuesday I have lost about 50% of what I had grown. Its the itch that gets me . Drives me mad.

Only thing I am doing differently is not taking the Sugar Bear Hair Gummies. I stopped taking them about 3 weeks ago as I didn't think they were doing any good. 

Now im wondering whether it was them that helped make it grow. (although I am having PUVA treatment too.

Glad you have all your hair back .

Hi Liz, 

Thank you for your interest. 

In a nutshell, my method is holistic, looking at diet, toxins, home and work environments, stressors, exercise and all around wellness. Our approach to healing, hair growth, wellness and overall well being is holistic. We consider mind, body and spirit.   We take into account your environment (home, work, school), toxins,  food + nutrition, exercise, stress management and lifestyle. In order to have the greatest results, all areas of your life are examined and modified. Everything we use, recommend and promote is safe, healthy, and natural. Obtained easily from any health food store. Results and side effects include hair growth, healthier environment, increased peace, increased energy, new learnings, happiness and holistic natural way to approach illness. Everyone wants a pill or a one solution cure to their problems. As I realized I needed to take inventory in all areas of my life, I was able to get to the root cause and heal from the inside out. My objective is to help everyone with Alopecia. I believe in the natural way of healing. It has worked for me, and with time and patience, you too, can see results.

On average, my clients see improvements in less than 3 months time. 

You can learn more atwww.alopeciaangel.com 

For the itch though, I would get lavender or rosemary essential oil and mix with coconut oil and place on areas where there is itching... this relieves it instantly- give it 2-5 minutes and you will feel relief. If allergic to coconut you can use olive oil or jojoba oil. Use the essential oil with it and the itching shall stop. If it returns, which it might, then repeat. 

Oils listed above are natural and only help as they are anti fungal and create more circulation with hair follicle and scalp. 

Let me know if you have any more questions! I have lots of specials running on my website including the starter kit. 

PS. I would stop taking the gummies. In my book I talk about supplements and vitamins. Gummies are filled with sugar. Sugar is part of the problem. I recommend taking alternative supplements that are not gummy. We look at root cause and heal from the inside out. Ensuring improved health! 

Thanks for your reply Courtney! I agree, no point in stressing :) Like your attitude.

Hi, I also have AU. 3 1/2 years ago I lost all hair within a 6 week timeframe. I wear hats when I go out. When patches of hair grow back I have been shaving my head. Earlier this year I noticed my hair is beginning to slowly grow back currently two thirds of my scalp is covered, eyebrows are partially back. There is still no hair in my armpits or on my legs. For the last 15 months I have followed an autoimmune diet.

'Is there any point..........' only you can answer that question. 'or is this just a phase, and it will fall out again?' I guess you will have to let it be and find out. :)

I had this happen every single year, since 2007..

And yes, every year on November 16th, it would do the hair fall thing.  So it had gotten to the point where i stopped getting excited whenever it would grow back, and let it do it's thing. If i knew the date exactly, that let's you know, i figured the cycle out like clock work.

After the hair fall, i was usually left with maybe 2 or 3 small patches of hair covering only 1/4 of my scalp.  Then the hair growth would restart in December - August.

In mid to late August?  Yep.. Here came that burning sensation all over my scalp, the "uh oh" feeling in the pit of my stomach, and in November.. the hair fall.

This went on from about 2007 until 2016.  I quit my incredibly high-stress job (medical field), changed careers so that i could finally get a decent night's sleep for once.  And stopped living on adrenaline, jumping at shadows, addressing my PTSD, chronic depression, and learning not to burst out in tears or terror for once whenever the phone rang.. (any one who's ever been on call 24/7 knows what i'm talking about)..

Since November 2016, i've grown back over 80% of my hair, and it hasn't come out.  August just passed, and i've only had a dime sized burning sensation over the left ear.  This area was usually the first to go.  Since last year?  No total hair fall.. even with the small patch over the ear, burning sensation.  (when this happens, out comes the pumpkin seed oil, and a few drops of fermented rice - which is packed with vitamins).. Pumpkin seed oil is an anti-inflammatory and calms down the burning.

And what helped my regrowth?  A quality, lace front wig and the WIGRIP..  That WIGRIP made the difference by keeping the wig on the head without shifting.

There's something else i've learned from an alopecia survivor/YouTuber called "Alopecia with Jass"..  She said, when your hair grows and falls out, constantly, once you've acquired a healthy food regimen, exercise, lots of water, and rest?  It's the body actually readjusting itself.

So there's the hair fall, regrowth pattern, as you start becoming healthier. Basically? As if the system is "rebooting itself" or acquiring Equilibrium..

Her website is called "AlopeciaFreewithJass"..

I don't buy her products, but i learned lot from her journey.  Come to think of it?  there are a few YouTubers out there now with people who have fully recovered from Alopecia.

Good luck! And hey.. wouldn't you be curious to know just how far you can take this journey? :)


What type of alopecia do you have?

I went from AA to AU quickly 4 years ago. Was hairless for 2 years when I started to experience regrowth. I now have 95% regrowth but not getting too attached. #seespotrun



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