Hi..lost all my hair....some of my brows are coming back after having injections, which I don't reccomend to anyone cause they hurt much more that in the head. I have no lashes and really miss them. Saw an ad for Latisse..Brooke Shields, wow as if she needs more beauty enhancement..talked to my derm. about it and she says she is not sure if it will work...anyone know anything about it!??
would really appreciate any imput!! thanks :)

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Hi, Catherine...my name is Lisa and my 10 year old daughter, Nina, was diagnosed with AA in December, and she now has lost about 90% of her hair. Her eyebrows and eyelashes are also just about all gone. I also read about Latisse for eyebrows, and got some a couple weeks ago. We haven't seen anything YET, but are still hopeful, as I heard it takes a while for them to grow back. I had used Revitalash a year ago on my eyelashes which have always been sparse, and it worked well. I have also been alternating that with the Latisse on Nina's eyebrows. (I'm a little skeptical about putting it on her eyelids right now, as I've heard it can actually change your eye color!)
How long has it been since you've had alopecia? We are new to this site, and it's been so hard for ME, even though it's not ABOUT me, to deal with this!!! Nina's doing better than I am, and we have this awesome headband with human hair attached piece that she wears and looks awesome in. I talked to her entire 4th grade class a few weeks ago, and nobody bothers her now. :) She's brilliant, beautiful, and got into the best private school in town for next year, based on her own accomplishments! (Thanks to financial aid on that!)
Anyway, sorry for babbling, I find myself being consumed by everything when I come on here, and want to connect and for HER to connect, when she's ready.
Let me know how the Latisse works for you!
Take care,
lisa :)
My Derm. told me that it was originally used to treat Glaucoma...that is what it was developed for and yes it could change her eye colour. So u apply it on the lids not in the eyes?? it was discovered that anyone that was using it for glaucoma, their eyelashes started growing longer, so they of course saw dollar signs and marketed for eyelash growth as well. I have had alopecia for almost 2 years now...I have a great support system from my Family and Friends..although I have good days and bad I have no hair...used to have beautiful curly hair, so it is really hard for me at times cause it was my signature. keep thinking positive...with your daughter being so young, if it develops further you would be surprised at how strong the kids can be...and as long as others know what it is all about, she will only become stronger. Don't know what is better...losing ur hair at a young age or later in life...Congrats on her accomplishments...see she is strong...and you will be although I know how hard it can be on you, I saw what my parents went through. Take care and thanks for the info!! Cathy :)
I use rogaine...for about a month now... not sure if it working or not as I still get injections in my brows and am using anthralin on my scalp as well.
Used it for months and saw no change ):
Latisse did not work for my daughter. It extends the growth cycle which is why they grow longer. It is probably a waste of money and is quite expensive.
I tried this a few months back, my father is a doctor and looked into it before I started use. The cost on latisse is really high so he got me the sister product lumigan, which is the same exact thing just way cheaper. The only difference is latisse comes with the little applicator brushes... when I used this on my eyelash it made my eyes itch so I discontinued use.
Hi all,
I have had AU since I was about 13 ( I am now 25), I have had some "remissions" ( however not on my scalp), axillary hair, pubic hair, and *sparse* lashes that come and go. I started to use Lumigan on my lashes and it actually worked. I've been using it for 2 years almost and I have rather full, dark lashes *touch wood*. I have noticed that my bottom lashes on my left eye have started to fall out again. I do lose patches of eyelashes, probably more than the average person would, but I keep using Lumigan and they eventually grow back. I had read a study on Lumigan and alopecia and I believe it said that those with over 50% loss of eyelashes would not likely experience regrowth. Where I fall in, I am not sure. I had 100% loss, then had remission in my lashes (for about 6 years), but it was sparse and I always wore false lashes. Now I have lashes. I have been trying it on my eyebrows as well and my left eyebrow has experienced some sporadic growth. Not the right though. Weird, maybe it's all a fluke. It's worth a shot though, and if you have health insurance I think you can have some of the cost of lumigan covered. Sorry if this reply was all over the place!
Hi Catherine,
I realize you posted this a long time ago but thought i would reply anyway. Unfortunately Latisse will not work for someone who has lost their eyebrows due to alopecia. It will make lashes that are already there thicker and fuller but it will not regrow missing ones. As you know, alopecia occurs because your immune system attacks your hair follicles. Latisse has no effect on this. If it made hair grow, we could probably use it on our heads too. Wouldn't that be great!!!!?? :)
I have for only about a week at a time but it burned my eyeballs and people thought I was crying or stoned. Lol. I can't get far enough to see if it would work.
I used it for about two months and saw nothing happen, it was expensive so I stopped using it, I guess everyone is different, but honestly I don't think its helps with alopecia :[

Latisse does grow longer, thicken and darken eyelashes and brows , but in my experience, does not grow new hair. the 1rst result come after 3-4 weeks treatment.



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