Hi again!
My current wig is slowly getting worse, and in hopes of preserving it a while longer, I am trying to look at some other options, even if it is a synthetic wig or not. I can't wear synthetic wigs due to my scalp being sensitive, but in the past I have worn ones that I would assume are standard synthetic wig caps. I always ordered off Amazon, Ebay, some site I found that had good prices, etc. They have those little clips to loosen or tighten on the head, it looks like it's maybe weaved on the backhead, and a full enclosed top that is some lace-y looking material. (I'll have a photo posted as well just to show what I've worn in the past.)

I don't know much about wigs whatsoever as I have always had Locks of Love wigs, where the cap is fitted to MY head and only my head because of a mold I did. I have complete alopecia, no hair, no eyebrows, no eyelashes, no arm/leg hair, etc. and I see many of these other wigs have these hair clip things on the inside to brush into the person's hair (which again I don't have).

For my alopecia universalis, what would you suggest to be the best option for a wig cap choice? Something that would stay on my head, but not be tightened/loosened and doesn't strain my head or anything. I always got really bad headaches when wearing the ones that had the tighten/loosen clips. I'm just looking at an alternate cheap wig just to help my LOL one now to live longer as this one is human hair.

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Hi, Sierra,

The clips in the picture -- the little comb like items - can be removed.  They are sewn into the wig cap with thread.  If you take thin scissors - like manicure scissors - you can cut the threads and the comb-clips will come out.  Just take your time, don't pull too hard, and you'll get them out just fine.  I do this all the time with the my wigs.

I've had good luck with Amore synthetic wigs.  I also recently tried a Tony of Beverly wig, and I found their monofilament cap very comfortable.  

I've seen many of those monofilament caps to be way to expensive for me, but i was searching around online and found a site, not sure if it's even trustworthy of not, but it's human hair wigs, with swiss lace, french lace, different cap types, lace front, full lace, etc. and i have no idea what any of these differences are. I'm going by other reviews on other hairpieces and am hoping what I ordered was a good choice. My parents went out of their way for me to give me the money for it, which was 80$, but if it doesn't work out with this hairpiece, I can send it back for full refund within 7 days after getting it. My concern is that, anytime I ever wore synthetic lace wigs in the past, they'd be saggy on the top of my head, and people could always clearly see it wasn't real hair because it pulled away. Hopefully this one doesn't do that. 

My concern is whether or not this is going to hold in place on my head. I found something called a quick stick headband that is a rubber adhesive headwrap to hold wigs in place, but I've seen some bad reviews on it. If and when this other one comes in, is there some type of material i could add to the wig to keep a firm hold on it? Almost like how some bras have that rubbery grippy stuff on the lining to keep your bra from slipping 

I'm also hoping this wig doesn't sag on my head like all the others did. I'm not self conscious about people seeing if I have a wig on or not, but I do feel self conscious about  it popping up from my scalp and looking saggy on my head. 

Hi, Sierra, 

Trying to figure out the difference between wig caps and lace types can be incredibly confusing.  Here is a link to an explanation of the difference between Swiss lace and French lace: http://www.zarawigs.com/article.php/11/french-or-swiss-lace-front-wig

Here is a link to an explanation about the difference between a lace front and a full lace wig: http://www.zarawigs.com/article.php/3/lace-front-or-full-lace-wig-d...

Here's another link that contains useful info on adhesives, different wig caps, how to care for your wig, etc.: http://www.createdhair.com/FAQ.html#W

The wig in the picture you have above is a lace front wig.

In terms of the wig potentially sagging - you can try adjusting the tabs stations at the nape (bottom back) of the wig - they can be moved to tighten/loosen the wig.

The tabs are the worst part about these kinds of wigs. If I have any pressure on my head I get really bad headaches, and if the tabs aren't tight the hair doesn't stay on, but I've been looking into the tape glue things that some people use. If/when this one comes in, and it works out great, as in I will keep it, then depending on how it fits, I will look into those wig holder things. 

There is a type of material that wigmakers and wig repairers can use so that you can affix double sided tape to it.  I don't know what that material is called, but it's very thin - I'll see if I can find a picture of it somewhere.  You can have that material sewn into virtually any non-lace part of the wig - so ears, nape.  If there's any wig repair shop in your area, they should know what you're talking about ("I need material sewn in so that I can put double sided tape on this wig) and be able to sew it in for you.  

You can also see if anyone can put silicon strips into the wig for you - you can put tape on those strips.  

The tape that I like to use is Topstick double sided tape.  I have sensitive skin, and there was no reaction to it.  It also held very well through long days.  You can buy it on Amazon.  My preference is the non-curved strips, but that is just my own preference - many people like the curved.  When I use tape, I use manicure scissors to cut it to exactly the right size and shape for whatever area of the wig I want to use the tape.  

Try Hair Direct, they have a great double sided tape called SUPERTAPE and their prices are very good, best I can find. They also have a variety of tapes and will send you samples. 

Also, Wilshire Wigs in Los Angeles has amazing wig repair people on staff. You could mail your wig to them and be assured it comes back in amazing shape. They are miracle workers. Friend me if you want any more information on them.

Just saw this and want to strongly second what Alo-mom has to say about the wonderful repair folks at Wilshire Wigs.  They are fantastic.  The last repair job that they did for me probably got me an extra 7-8 months on my wig.

Hi Sierra

Just a little question: Why do you want to wear a wig? In one picture on your profile, you don't wear a wig and it is very beautiful. 

Because i have never seen you before i don't have any prejudice and i just see the pictures on your profile. This make me realize that bald can be very beautiful. Always when i look to a mirror i see a patchy-scalped man and i don't like to see that (because i know myself with a lot of hair a few years ago and it's hard to accept that). But other persons see that in a different way and think about me that i am good looking :-)

Think about that, you are beautiful with or without hair!!

Greetings from Switzerland


The photos of me without hair were ones of at home. If I'm at home and not out and about, I don't usually wear my hair or anything on top of my head; however, I had to send my wig back to see if it could be fixed (and it was gone for 2 weeks, and unfortunately my current wig cannot be fixed) and I had no other hair option so I wore a scarf on my head all day every day at work and in public. I've only gone out bald in public twice, besides that, sometimes I wear just beanie hats or my hair.

And the why do I wear wigs? It's because every day, I enjoy getting up, doing my makeup, and styling my hair and having hair to play with. I grew up as a little girl without hair, and I missed out on the experience in school. My hair isn't a mask to cover up my alopecia because people know I have alopecia, but for me, having hair is a wonderful feeling for me. I have a hard time expressing how having hair makes me feel, and when I got my first wig, I felt normal and my oldest sister (she also has alopecia areata as I have full blown alopecia) said I made her feel ugly and not normal because she was bald. And I'm beginning to realize more lately that her saying those things to me did change my mindset a bit. I don't like saying I feel normal/like another human because I feel like I'm insulting all those who have alopecia/no hair and choose to go without any hair/headcover. I might not have my own hair, but having a wig is apart of me, and it makes me feel more comfortable with myself. I'm comfortable being bald, I've accepted the fact that I will never get my hair back (I've never had any longterm hair growth besides fuzzies on my head, little eyelashes, but it always falls out).

I just don't know how else to explain how having hair makes me feel. I don't want to insult someone by saying "this is how I feel....". But I attended a Locks of Love camp some years ago where I met other young girls who also had alopecia and wore wigs, and one of them had said to me, we all accept our alopecia differently. And for me, this is how I accept my alopecia.

And it sometimes seems hard for me to accept it because I haven't ever had any support about it. I have people around me, they know, they're okay with it, they see it, etc., but never have I ever had any support from others. Not even my sister. I only know one other person besides my sister that has alopecia. 

The best type of wig cap for AU is the mono top, lace front, stretch soft back, all hand tied and density about 120. All hand tied wigs move more naturally rather then wefted. If you have a very limited budget and are looking for a synthetic wig go to NAME BRAND WIGS, they have the best prices on line. The Noiko Shilo is a great look wig and runs $148. Comes in great colors. 

Human hair wigs are the best but can be more costly, Friend me if you have anymore questions or need anymore wig advice. 

I have had a lot of clients have great luck with www.gofundme.com to raise money to get a Freedom vacuum hairpiece.  They are similar to your locks of love piece.  Good luck in your search. :)



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