I'm just curious. I've finally decided to purchase a human hair wig, when I don't have to deal with waking up every single day without self-confidence. I'm willing to spend a bit more money than I would usually have. 

I haven't bought a human hair wig yet, but the price range is $2500-$4000. Thank you. 

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Hi Lilac

When you are looking for a human hair wig be very aware that there is two types of human hair available in wigs.  Processed human hair and unprocessed virgin human hair. Both are obviously human hair but each has very different benefits for the wearer.  

Processed human hair ...is as the name suggests...processed.  This means the hair has often (but not always) started off being black or dark brown...it is then processed down to the colours that many caucasian ladies would like (like browns and blondes).  This hair is often weakened by the processing leaving the hair looking dry and tangly.  Sometimes this type of hair is treated with a silicone rinse to make it look shiney and not tangle...this does wash off and you are left with a wig that may not do what you hope it will.  I would suggest this type of hair is good for short term wear or for those that change there wigs a couple of times a year. (wigs using this type of hair should be reasonably priced...even if the hair is 'slightly' processed) 

Unprocessed virgin human hair, is hair that humans grow in all the colours and textures that the human race produces. When this hair is used properly in a wig there will be no processing done on the hair at all.  There are many variations and limitations with this type of hair. It is expensive and difficult to work with but the results are exceptional (especially if you work with a manufacturer who understands this type of hair).  

Be mindful when talking to wig makers that you fully understand the hair that you are getting in your human hair wig.  If a wig is handtied it would normally have to have some type of processing done on the hair.  So be thoughtful about the attachment methods for hair in your wig of choice.

Ask straight forward questions...has this hair been processed in any way???  If the answer is yes.  The wig should not be overly expensive.  If the answer is no...the opposite will be true.

Hope this helps.


If you find that nice 100% HH wigs are too expensive (and do NOT get blended HH /synthetic, and I would advise you get Remy/ Remi HH or virgin), then you have several cheaper options. You could check out the charities that subsidize or donate wigs; you could see if your health insurer will give you a rebate; you can buy direct from a Chinese wig manufacturer; or you can try buying a new or second-hand wig online, eg from eBay. Good luck!

I'm wondering how much YOU spent on your human hair wigs. That's all what I'm curious about. Unfortunately, I have a medical condition that would not allow a stock wig to fit my head, therefore I need customization. I cannot order a custom-made wig from online because it's hard to explain my needs over the Internet. So I would rather go in a wig shop and physically show what my needs are and how the wig needs to be tailored accordingly.

My wig shop is a full service one in NYC that customizes the wig to your scalp size, and even will make a full customized wig with anything if you really want that (it's a funny salon as it does celebrity wigs for tours and major events, as well as wigs for those with medical patients).

The wig I got was a standard in stock virgin unprocessed HH wig sized to my scalp with clips since I still have hair. It cost me about 3000, as it was shoulder length. I am about to purchase another one, that is the same style but at an above mid back length, which is about 3800-4000.

Would you mind sharing your source? Company name.. phone number.

I paid $5,000 for Freedom piece. Beautiful in every way but I get heat stroke wearing them

thanks in advance for information 

I thought I was being crazy for spending $2500+ on human hair wigs...thank goodness I'm not the only one who is deciding to spend thousands of dollars! 

I thought that about myself too, but I've never had such good hair in my life! The wig I have is fabulous, and I could never style my normal hair like that. It always looks blown out even by week 3 of no washing (just dry shampoo and conditioner), so I go in after week 4 to get it professionally washed and blown out by my wig professional at the salon where I purchased my wig. A good wig will last you years, even a life time, says the wig professionals and even the owner of the salon. I'm choosing to buy another one so I can have longer hair - why not, right? I could never grow my normal hair past my shoulder blades, so I wanted to get a mid back wig!

It might be an adjustment, I know I still feel super sad that I need to use wigs, but my experience has been that I really just never had such fabulous hair in my life, and I really might wear wigs even after my hair grows back (knock on wood!) for special events, since my wig hasn't lost shape from heat or sweat, and when I get it blown out with beachy summer waves, it stays like that for weeks, while when I get it blown out straight, I feel like my old self!!

Good luck!

I agree with you. It's been three years since I have AGA (androgenetic alopecia) and I have never felt so ugly before in my life. So I believe wearing a custom-made wig would change my life because it will make me so much happier instead of waking up crying every day and having a low self-esteem. 

Hey there!Human hair wigs are expensive but a $2500-$4000 for a hair system, that sounds too expensive to me! Well, I came across a good human hair system supplier on the internet who supplies quality products at affordable prices. Here's the link! Feel free to visit and take a look at their product. maybe you get what you are looking for in a quite less price.


I order human hair wigs as a wholesale  in Russia and love them. Vry natural and lightweight. I also sell them on- line and make couple of bucks )

Do you have any with some natural curl? How do I get in touch with you? Website? Facebook page? Phone number? 
im serious about a cuticle intact human hair wig.

please advise! Thanks, Liz

Try gardeauxwigs.com. Human hair wigs colored, highlighted and rooted at her salon. Price range is up to $1,500.00. Exceptional quality & new wigs pop up daily. --



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