I have this gorgeous HH blend wig that I lovelovelove; HOWEVER, I do not know what products to use on it nor the best way to wash it. I'm on a VERY limited budget and would really rather go to a store and purchase shampoo and conditioner and leave in conditioner and stuff to help keep the wig looking new, healthy, and remain tangle free.

I've looked all around and haven't successfully found anything specifically for HH Blend wigs.

I live in a small area in UP of Michigan, and the stores I have readily available are Walmart, TJ Maxx, Meier's, Walgreen's, Rite Aid, BigLots (mostly the general stores). I really need to find something soon as I've had this piece for over 2 weeks now, and haven't washed it yet and I'm afraid I'm going to kill it before I can have this long-lasting wig.

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Hi, I have a blended wig also.  If you go to Paul's wigs they have hair products.  I have used these for a number of years.  Yours looks really nice by the way.

i dont know what that is but if its a hair salon or place, we dont have one where im at.

Sorry, guess I wasn't clear.  Here is the web site.  It's mail order.  after you send an order they will then send you catalogs.


You can easily get wig related products on http://bit.ly/hairproductsacc

Hi I must say that unit is absolutely gorgeous  can recommend a Blended hair system maintenance kit I sell for synthetic and Human hair blended, since your on a tight budget I would suggest the value pack which includes, De-tangler and restore wash, ( restores unit like new and deep cleans) the unit,Moisture mask ( Keeps the Human hair moisturized and styling sealer ( keeps the curl patterns locked),  the sizes are 8 oz and 16 oz, let me know and I email u a catalog pdf.

I added human extensions to a synthetic unit when the long ends frizzed beyond their usual length, and had pretty good luck using Redken's Frizz Dismiss shampoo, conditioner and leave-in on both hair types.  It did tend to build up after a while, but I'd pull out the HH extensions, strip the synth, clarify and deep condition both, and put Humpty Dumpty back together for a few more months of wear.  

It's true that some off the shelf shampoos can be detrimental to synth, but I've had generally good luck with salon brands in a moisturizing formula (you can get a liter at TJ Maxx for $10-12 usually, BedHead, Redken, Nexxus, etc).  

My fave synth-only shampoo was Hair U Wear moisturizing, but it didn't do so much for my HH.  

Very helpful, thanks.

Indeed, it can be very difficult to take care of a wig. You need to have a lot of patience and motivation to take good care of it. I don’t really have good advice for you, because I have never worn a wig. I just use extensions, more specifically sew-in extensions. Then, after I applied them, I use a hair curler to give them more shape. I read on My Straightener which styling tool is the best for thine hair, more prone to being damaged. After I bought the product, I was impressed with the results. So happy I found this website and took their advice on hair styling tools. My hair is totally different now. Great experience.









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