I have been very inspired by the photos of people on xeljanz who are regrowing their hair. Some of these people have not had hair for years, maybe even decades. Through these photos, I have seen that the time it takes for this process to begin and the pace at which it progresses vary from person to person. However, it is difficult to see all the pictures because I have to sift through pages and pages of posts to find them. I would love it if people would use this discussion to post all their before and after pictures and label them with the number of weeks or months it has taken to get to the photographed stage. Adding more photos periodically would be great! I am hoping that these photos will help others like me who are having little to no progress yet. If you wonderful people would like to do this, I promise I will add my photo as soon as I have anything to share. Thanks so much for all the inspiration and encouragement you have already given !!! Good luck, everyone. 

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I think this is a great idea! I'm also on Xeljanz and haven't had growth, yet. It would be very encouraging to see pictures os success and the amount of time. I'm a very visual person so I know it will give me a positive picture in my head to keep going!

Great suggestion Merry!

Hi Merry, I am on the end of month seven and have just gotten my first terminal hair. Keep at it! I did up to three and that really helped. I will post pics when I figure out how to do it.
I'm all for this idea. Today marks week 9 for me. I'm coming off of 17 years of zero growth. The lashes are very slowly happening, and I have about 75% of my right eye brow, the left is at about 25%. I plan to stop wearing my wig in abouta month if everything keeps growing the way it is
That's amazing!! You on your way girl :)

That's so wonderful!! I'm curious as to where you live? I'm also curious as if climate or the area in which people live in can affect any of this.... it might be a long shot, but hey, most of this is actually. I look forward to seeing more progress Jckah :)



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