My prob's been, not getting hired (bec of the way I look) in th 1st place!

I have never quit a job because of my Aleopecia Univiseralis, no body hair anywhere 4, 40+ yrs. However, I do wholeheartedly believe that I have been denied work, in other words, I have not made it past many many interviews, because of the way I look. But it's not just because of having no head hair, (I wore a high quality undetectable wig 4 35 yrs before I took it off about 10 yrs ago)..but because I have no eye brows or eye lashes. And that is something you can't hide. Furthermore, even though employers have never asked me at any interview what my condition is about, they have no scruples in discriminating against someone like myself because of the way I look(I of course can never prove that) even though, oddly enough, they really don't even know, Why, I look the away I do. I think that they think it would be too personal a question to ask me about my condition. But I would actually love it if they asked. Some times, as in my very part time, 16 hours a week)current security job I just got, I find myself in the position to be able to let them know about my condition. But that's after I have already gotten hired. By the way, I got down sized from my last job in Aug of 2008 and I was unemployed for 5 yrs., as of Aug of 2013. Even though I have a B.A. and a Masters, and I am currently flat broke, (my sister's been helping me out while I try to get back on my feet) almost homeless, or worse. My age is also one of many factors. I am over 50. But I know that my condition has not been any asset at to my chances and opportunities in life, at all.

With love and kindness,

Mark Hansen, Milw., WI.

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I recently attended an interview prep course and I posed the question on how to approach this.  They suggested to show up at the interview how I feel most comfortable, which for me is wig-free.  I rarely wear them, so why pretend now?  I do have permanent cosmetics for my eyebrows, however, but make-up worked for me well enough that most people didn't realize I had no brows until I told them.  I digress, but the advice was simple. You bring up your alopecia on your own. During the "Tell us about yourself" type question, mention it and then the awkwardness surrounding it will be passed (the elephant in the room will be acknowledged an then you won't be thinking about it anymore).  To me this sounds like the perfect approach, and I will be testing it out in a couple weeks.  I hope this helps, and if you want to discuss any more, let me know.

Good luck.

I have AU and have not worn a wig for at least ten years. It IS possible to get hired. I moved to New York, went through two rounds of interviews and was hired for a pretty high-level editing job. I found I was much more confident about my looks after I had my eyebrows tattooed. I went to a "permanent cosmetics" place in Toronto to have it done and I'm very happy with it. I use eyeliner where lashes would be (maybe not an option for a man). But the eyebrows could definitely be an option for a guy. Best of luck.



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