Hi! I'm a new alopecian, completely diffuse hair, lost it in 3 months. Devistating for me but am trying to come to terms with it. I need help choosing a wig. I really love the gripper and the way the hair looks but I like the security of a lace front. However, I have acne all over the back of my head (new) and I'm not sure if having a wig that I can't take off will be a good thing. What if I have a break out? How will I treat it with a wig that's glued to my head for 5 weeks?

Also I'm looking for a place to buy a wig. I live in California and have talked to peggy knight but many people aren't happy with them. Can anyone help or give advice? Thanks!

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Explore options because the best solution seems to be different for everyone. My daughter wears all lace wigs that she tapes on with super tape. She changes them every 2-3 days so she is able to wash her head well and check the integrity of her skin. She occasionally washes them while wearing them if she has been swimming. We buy them from a chinese wig site and they cost about $400 for very long wigs. She swims, wakeboards, sleeps in them.
Full lace cap? I'm wondering because I spend about $3,000 on my full lace wig. I also use tape and this seems to be the best thing that works for me. I had a suction that I used for about 4 years and I was not happy with it at all.
I just wanted to say that I have also not heard good things about Peggy Knight. I am currently with Joseph Paris in New York. They are wonderful people but their services are quite pricy. I also went to Jon Fortgang and I found that his entire thing was like a scam. Yes I got a suction wig, which did not breathe much and kept me constantly hot, but it also needed consistent repairs which ended up costing me anywhere from $90-$700., and this was just for repairs. The wig itself ran me around $5,000. I've never tried the gripper so I can't comment, but I will say that front lace wigs are very pretty, but the back of the wig doesnt have lace so you can see your scalp alot.
Hi Ray, I usually just go to the wig shops and beauty supply stores in my area. I would love to try the thousand dollar wigs but right now, only a few hundred is in my budget. I wear lace front, human hair wigs and scarves. Hey, I live in California too! The Antelope Valley. If you would like to meet some time just let me know. It would be nice to meet another alopecian. I'm trying to put together an alopecian luncheon. Check out member events!
Thank you soooooo much for the wonderful advice! There are so many options which is a great thing but overwhelming. I am on a budget and want to stay within the $1500 range.

BTW my name is Lina. My 4 year old daughter's nickname is Ray. A few months ago I had a beautiful head of hair that she used to love to play with but now she is completely confused. It's been very tough for her as well. This is another reason why I would like to get hair that looks and feels as natural as possible. This is most important to me, that it looks completely NATURAL. I am not interested in length or style because I am probably going to go on the shorter side.

@Karen, what is the name of the website? @ Michelle, absolutely! I live in the San Diego area and I will check out the events.
Message me and I will send it to you. I don't think that they want us to post links on this site.
Does anyone know who might sell Follea in the San Diego area?
I bought a wig today! It's a medical wig but I don't know the name of the company from Invisible Hair in Vista. I have a question, what is the best wig tape? I have to tape the temples and sides.
Hi Lina,
I usaually get my double sided lace front tape from the beauty supply store. There really isn't a name that I know of. I went to two different stores and both sold them in a small Zip locked bag. The pack costs about 5 to 6 dollars. I get the long strips and then cut them. Lasts me quite a while. Really, any tape will do.
I have found that supertape is the most waterproof of all the tapes. I buy it online through Amazon. I also like the Pro-flex blue mini tapes. They are easy to apply but unfortunately lose their stickiness when they get wet.
I wear wigs everyday and I usually like the inexpensive wigs from Forever Young. I usually trim the bangs and customize them and I think they look cute.
Hi Lina-so glad you found a wig that you are happy with. and at a salon in your area.Sorry for replying so long after your last post but I was rereading some posts and was interested in your purchase. If I have found the right web site, then this company is most well known for a range of hair additions, not so much for wigs. And I know you don't know what company manufactured your wig, but was wondering what you mean by a medical wig. Does it have a lace base? Is it all hand tied? Does it have an area of PU coating to make it grip part of your head. How much taping does it require. Thanks for any info.



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