Hi everyone, yesterday it's been a month since I take part in the clinical trial Pfizer NCT03732807, I still don't see any progress. Do any of you know after what time I can expect results? I will add that one of the tablets tastes different so I think I have some medicine.

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Hello, yesterday it has been six months since the beginning of the study, zero improvement. I have just started phase two (50 mg daily). How's your progress?

Hi, I participate in this trial from the beginning of February, one of the tablets (the bigger one - 50 mg) tasted different (bitter taste) than the others (they were without any taste). After 6 months I have zero improvement, except a little better nails and skin (I have also atopic dematitis). After six months (which is the end of placebo period) it's the same in terms of the taste - it's should be now 4 weeks on proper medicine, still zero improvement

I have alopacia universalis from two years.

thanks for the update, hope to hear good news from you soon


If you want to know pf-06651600 did not work for me, and surely I wasnt on placebo, my dose was probably 50 mg which is the highest. But after that I enrolled into CTP 543 trial and I have significant regrowth so dont worry if one of potenial medicine is not working on you, its individual matter, previously i tried also cyclosppeine but with weak results.

I am now in the extension phase and received the full 50mg.  Apparently the second phase could be a continuation at a lower dose, so I did not see much improvement.   I've been taking 50mg for the past 30 days and already starting to see some pretty good signs of growth.  For what its worth,  the new pill is very bitter compared to any other phase.

Thanks for the info. Which of the tablets tasted different before extension? I though that if it is lower dose then the one of this 10 mg tablets (the little ones) should taste bitter, but now I have the bigger one bitter. I'm thinking about resign because I'm probably non responder.

Prior to the extension it was 4 pills.  1 large and 3 small, the 3 smaller pills were somewhat bitter, the large not at all.  Now on the extension it is the one large pill, very bitter compared to the 3 smaller ones. 

Hi Nexoo,

How's your progress? I still dont have improvement

I am just wondering whether or not getting into these clinical trials involves an age limit.  I am 72 years of age, and I would like to enter one of these trials (e.g. CTP 543, Xeljanz, etc.).  I really get fed up with some of these trials that exclude people my age.  All I would want to know before starting a drug is the side effects that are known.  I think at age 72 I am old enough to decide what risks I want to take with my health/life and what risks that I don't want to take!  Can anyone here answer the question?  Thanks so much!

I've been on the PF-06651600 trial since mid August 2020, and am AU (first spot December 2018).  I joined during Phase 3, and was provided the full strength, non-placebo version of the drug.  Began with a 4 week loading cycle of 4x50gm per day all at once each morning, and thereafter 1x50mg per day (which I remain on).

I had pretty rapid progression during the loading phase, with vellus hair appearing on my head, beard and eyelashes.  The vellus hair on my head is largely terminal now, although it is white (I have black hair naturally).  It's a bit hard to tell how dense it is, but I think maybe 40% regrowth - maybe higher.  The patches are pretty much gone, and its fairly even growth. 

My beard has pretty much followed the same course - about 40-50% (I had a really heavy beard) and its also white.  Chest / armpits / private around 20% (who cares haha).  My eyelashes have done pretty well.  I'd say they're around 70% regrowth and they went straight from vellus hair to black terminal hairs.  My eyebrows have been reaalllly slow.  I have light vellus hair on both brows and the first few tiny black hairs have appeared on the outside edge of each brow. My arms and legs have light vellus hair - arms a bit further progressed. 

Everything is continuing to grow and become more dense, and so I am really pleased with Pfizer (for this and their amazing covid vaccine work!). 

hello i'm french and i have been under xeljanz for 2 years and i have a partial answer, pfizer will send the pf to my dermatologist and i will be able to switch from xeljanz to pf.
do you know the difference between xeljanz and the pf? has a better answer? i know it the better health security. because i saw that the jak ctp 543 has better because it is a jak 1.2. on the clinical trial do you know if there are good results?



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