Hey guys. I finally received my tofacitinib tablets after a long wait. I'm really thankful for people over here for showing me a way to buy generic xeljanz. 

So the one i ordered is from India and not Bangladesh. Also it's not tofacinix but it's called Jaknat from Natco Pharma in India.i had to order this because beacon Pharma doesn't ship to my country and tried many ways to buy generic from Bangladesh but it was not successful and I bought Jaknat after some research about this company.Natco Pharma is known for making generic medicines and it's a reputable company in India. 

Price was around 28$ for 60 tablets + shipping. Response was fast in WhatsApp. 

I thought of testing it in lab but it's very expensive but I'm pretty sure it's a legit drug. 

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San, Very glad that you received your shipment, and I wish you every success with it.  I have been with Alopecia World for some years now.  Unfortunately, I rarely get any response or feedback to my questions or concerns.  I am 72 years old with AU.  I can only assume the reason for the lack of response is age discrimination.  It appears that people here think that if you are 72 years old, you should not care about being hairless due to an autoimmune disease.  So I don't come here that often anymore.  But again, I wish you every success with this drug.

Sorry no one responded to you Sabine. You can ask me anything you have in mind. People who think that way are stupid. You can send a message or drop your questions here. I'm happy to respond :)

Thank you for your kind response, San.  I will definitely be following you online and, most likely, asking you questions.  Again, I am wishing you every success in your battle against this frustrating condition.

Thank you so much :) I wish I succeed in this treatment too 

Can i have the whatsapp contact

I want to buy tofacitinib

Did you get the whatsapp contact yet?

I also would like to purchase Tofacitinib. Are you thinking of  purchasing from bangladesh?


If you go to indiamart.com and enter what you are looking for "5mg jaknat", multiple exporters will contact you (they all sell the same medicine from the same company) and it is similar price to what the original posted listed.

Τhank you for this post Sum

How are you now? 

how did the therapy go?
I wish you the best



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