I think my largest spot is showing signs of regrowth, but the hair is very pale and fine. I have dark hair. Can this be my hair growing back? 


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Speaking from my experience, Half of the white hairs that come in will gain color if Im consistent with the medication while others will fall off or stay white. 

It might well be , Often growth will start off as vellus then over time progress into terminal hairs.

My or came back snow white. It is now turning black. My doctor said it takes time for the follicle to regain pigmentation and sometimes it never does.

I went from brown hair with a bit of gray to pure white. I have vitiligo too, so I'm guessing I'm not typical, but my white hair seems to be staying, and I just wish it would cover all of my head. In my case the majority of my white hair is full sturdy hair and not just fine bits, though I think seeing any hair is a very positive sign.


That is what happened to me too! I never found anyone on forums with "our" story before! I'm now white as snow/refined sugar white and use semi-permanent dye every other week!  The vitiligo started at age 31. 

my original hair color was brown with lots of gray sprinkled in, my hair now that is growing back in, is white and remained white pretty much through out the growing back in process, with very little little brown color coming back.   Because I prefer to not have white hair, I have now started to color it as close as I can to natural color of brown.  Any growth coming in is still white.  So I would be very encouraged Nordica.  

I have a question about your white hair? I believe it's the same as mine, when I still had most of my hair I had lost a lot that grew back as these white hairs, but when I colored my hair they would not color. What kind of and color do you use? My issue now is I've lost all my bio hair and only have the white hair which I don't think is thick enough to really cover my head, I wear a wig full time and buzz off my hair, but will let it grow in a bit hoping I can make something of it one day.

Christine, I am currently going to the salon that made my wig, I had a real hair wig made as close to my hair sytle and color I was using at time of hair loss.  I lost pretty much 85% of my hair, it took quite a while before it started slowly filling in, very slow at first, all white.  Fuzzy little hairs at first, downy like.  Most of growing in at start was fllling in, not length, then the length started in, all white(fine). Now it is pretty much the same texture it was before the fallout.    I asked her last visit what kind of color she was using, as I am ready to branch out and go back to my old hair salon, now that hair is all back, very short but sweet.  She said it was a natural hair color product, never mentioned a brand.

I too still wore a wig while it was growing back in, they convinced me to start coloring it as the color of wig hair was brown, sideburns if they happened to stick out were white.  So I even started coloring it then at growing out period.  I go every 5 weeks to touch up roots.   It seems to be getting thicker and thicker as it grows.   But at the start it was very slow, coming in as it had to fill in all the bald areas.  I have not had any problems with color on the white, she does have to let it process about 45 minutes though, but that is normal to me, as before all this happened (AA) I had alot of gray, it took 45 minutes to process.   Does this answer any of your questions?  I hope it gives you hope!    

I now have white hair all over the spot, and it thinkens every week. The length isn't all that yet, but things are happening. One of my smaller spots have normal colored regrowth, so I guess everything can happen. :) 

Thank you for the reply, I may try it at some point, if I can find a good natural dye to use. My white hairs are a bit different in that they are not fine or downy in appearance but the same thickness as my bio hair had been, the person who I got my wig from said that my I keep trying to grow a hair but that its defective because its under attack from the AA. I don't know if I totally believe that but it kind of makes sense. I feel like my hair would never grow back normal at this time. But there is always that hope for me.

hi guys

i had made an article on here but its stil waiting approval

i have alopecia too and it started off with small patches and then started affecing my whole head. i shaved it off in the end

i had to do the same with my beard.. i didnt notice the bald patches on my beard because i had a thick beard at one point and i only noticed the patches when i trimmed it. so i ended up shaving the beard off too

anyway i have been using onion juice for the past 2 months, 4/5 times a week every night, rubbing it all over my head and now beard

i am experiencing regrowth in the form of white hair..

on my head and beard.

im just hoping my hair will come back

this has knocked me for 6 :(

How long did you go without hair in that spot?



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