baricitinib has come up in the big xeljanz thread a few times, but it's hard to follow topics and posts in a large thread like that so we should try to keep things organized. 

There was a user here, aladdin, who had attempted to obtain some research-grade baricitinib for himself. But he is no longer a member here so I was unable to follow up with him. 

Google doesn't have a lot of information about it as of yet. Please post any questions, information or news articles about baricitinib in here

original study

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The fda just rejected it for approval saying it needs more research for safety. A shame too. It's much much cheaper then xeljanz.
how much is it?


this isn't necessary bad news for the alopecia group; the more safety documentation that accompanies a drug's approval for something like RA, the more likely it is to be approved quicker for "aesthetic" use

You seriously think an immunosuppressant will ever be approved for cosmetic use? Okay good luck with that.

Yes, drugs are used and covered by insurance companies for "cosmetic" use all the time (psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, etc.)  Although I think the better term would be "reconstructive".  Trying to reconstruct a normal appearance is not cosmetic.  Insurance companies have always paid for treatment for "cosmetic" issues provided the problem was caused by illness, disease, accident, injury or birth defect.  Alopecia Areata IS a disease--an autoimmune disease.  REMEMBER, insurance companies will try to get out of paying for anything that they can in order to make a profit.  

development back on track, it seems

and for the record, immunosuppressants are already being used for psoriasis (cosmetic use)

olumiant (baricitinib) has been FDA approved for treating RA. I noticed one member here (maybe football fan) was starting to use it for his alopecia

has anyone else talked to their dr about it?

I'm not sure if anyone still checks this thread, but I am about to start a clinical trial for Baricitinib in a couple of weeks. It is a two year double-blind but every participant will take a high dose, low dose, and placebo at controlled but randomized intervals to see its efficacy and safety. It might be a while if I see regrowth (I'm AU) but I was told that if there is regrowth from Baricitinib than I am able to continue taking it once the study is over. I will try to update with any progress or news I receive during the trial.

thanks for the update and for participating in the trial! we look forward to reading your updates as the trial runs its course

Hey Mike,

it's been a while but how did things go with your trial?

Hi Chris thanks for asking. I am roughly 60 weeks into the study. I was definitely on the placebo for the first 36 weeks, but after the crossover I began seeing regrowth first in my beard and then on my head within the first few weeks (no eyelashes or eyebrows though). The hairs on my face and dark and coarse and are soft and white (but coming in thicker and darker) on my head. Unfortunately the regrowth is not coming in at a fast enough rate that the doctor had hoped, but I still have time left in the study. Although it is double-blind, we feel I am on the low-dose due to the speed and coverage of the regrowth. My labs have not changed whatsoever and have not had any adverse side effects. I have a few months left in the trial and will update as the end gets nearer.

the time commitment for these trials really shines through when it's stated as "60 weeks" and "36 weeks"

thanks for sticking through with it, I can't imagine being too encouraged after 36 weeks on placebo! 

good luck!



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