I have suffered with AU for far too long and I have kicked too many General Practitioners to count to the curb, because they refuse to help  They all insisted that I learn to enjoy having AU. None of them have had it, yet they insist that every other patient they have seen that has it just loves it.

Anyhow, I have been seeing an immunologist for a while. For almost two years, I have been on 4 mg. LDN daily with minimal results. I get a hard full of peach fuzz, and then it all falls out again. She has suggested that I try Thymosin Aplha 1 now, if I feel it may help. It is a little pricey and insurance doesn't cover it.

This a peptide that has been used to modulate the immune system, She suggested it, because I don't have AU, but I also have Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arhtritis. She is hoping that in conjunction with the LDN, it will reset my immune system.

Has anyone else tried this?

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No, I have not tried this, but I applaud you for kicking your GPs and Dermatologists to the curb!  This is an autoimmune disease, and it should be treated by Immunologists.  GPs are clueless about AU, and Dermatologists are not much better.  They simply throw everything and "the kitchen sink" at it, and are only too happy to milk their patients dry for treatments that are useless at best, and even dangerous at worst!  Please keep us posted.  

I ordered my first Thymosin Alpha 1 kit last on 1/3. I figured that I would do it, because I had to drive right past my Immunologists office to pick up my new glasses (they are red and match my van). It is a 5 week program that they say people normally only need to do once to reprogram their immune system. I also started a Paleo diet, hoping that it will help me as well. I will ;let you know how it goes.

I got my first shot on Tuesday, 1/14. I went into the office for it, so that they could show me how to give myself the next 9 shots in the program. There are 2 a week, so I will be doing them on Tuesdays and Fridays. I will let everyone know how it goes.

I missed my second shot on Friday, and a friend had to give it to me on Saturday. Where they want me to give it to myself, I would need to be double jointed or a contortionist. The main issue is that I am right handed and I hurt my right arm several years ago. I don't have the same function in it as I used to. It's like when I put in, or take out, the studs in my ears, I have to reach my left arm over my head to be able to put on, and take off, the back of the stud in my right ear. I have sent an email to my Doctor asking if I could give it to myself somewhere else. Hopefully, I can do it in my thigh or somewhere else that I can reach. Hopefully, I can.

I missed my third shot now, because the syringes they included in the kit are crap. The first two I pulled from the packaging had the needle broken off. The third one had a leak in it and would not draw any medicine out of the vile. The fourth one had a needle shaped like a question mark.

If I could not get into the Dr.'s office to get the shots, I will need to go to Tractor Supply and get better quality syringes. However, I will be making a series of appointments to go in and get the shots administered for me.

This really sucks, because it seems as if the powers that be insist that I don't find a solution to this hideous disease. I am so done with it, and if this doesn't work, I don't know what I will do. I hate this crap and refuse to just accept that I will never be allowed to have a life.



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