Just a thought about little things that change when you loose your hair... some of them i like, some of them i miss.

I like

different hair stiles
fake lashes, lots of them
taking the wig off, when I come home
no shaving
soft, silky skin
surfing wig sites
alopecia world
shape of my head
ability to make jokes about baldness

I miss

feeling of wet hair under shower
putting my mascara on
brushing my hair
waking up without thinking about wigs, adhesive, lashes..

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Great list!

Yeah. Ponytails. It's been 49 years since I have had one. Even brushing hair back off the forehead would be great, instead of wig bangs all the time in the heat!

I miss having nose hairs Ahhhh Choo!

Thank you :))))

Loves Fake lashes
Wigs and having the choice between bald and wigs
Make up

The mental games that alopecia brings that doubts your self worth and beauty
cancer questions and Did you shave your eyelashes?
That good wigs cost a bomb.
the cold winter in the Uk....Brrr

How cold???

very cold!!!! scotland didn't get a proper summer this year..... :(

Scotland doesn't get a proper summer ANY year! :)

But, we do seem to be having a warmer-than-usual November.... no frost so far. (Famous Last Words...)

I feel the same way about the hates... i never tought that it was cold under the wig, i tought it would keep me warm on cold days, but its the opposite :(

I would like a wig that would cool me in the summer and keep me warm during winter, that would be awesome :)

Difficult stuff:

Knowing where to stop when you wash your face.

Good stuff:

Being able to spread sunblock all over!

Bad stuff:

Getting flies stuck in the sunblock... maybe I should use less? :)

I like being ready in five minutes. I just get up, take a shower, put my wig on,and go to work. Do anybody think how much time we save each day being hairless?

Besides, when I have a party, I take one of my wigs to the hairdresser´s one or two days before, so I have it ready to wear, and I don´t think more about the question. And, of course, we save a lot of money (less shampoo, aconditioners, and so on...)



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