What is the biggest problem you have with your alopecia?

What is the biggest problem you have with your alopecia?

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Rain is not my friend.

It's the almost certain knowledge that this is mine forever.

I was here a while back but have been dealing with other autoimmune problems so I am back for now. I am 63 and have no family or support. My Alopecia Areata spots were taken over by female pattern baldness possible scaring alopecia. Dr said he could test me for it but there is no cure so I said forget it. I will deal with it like I do all the other Autoimmune deseases I have. It just looks so unattractive to see my scalp through my wisps of hair. I don't have much of a forehead so when I try wigs on I have all this hair hanging in my face. They just have to much hair. I live on a small income so I can't afford those expensive wigs. I have trimed them but they just look so fake or maybe I just am not use to them. I feel that with how I look and with all my other Autoimmune deseases I cannot date and since I am 63 I guess being single for the rest of my life is ok. I understand that a man would not want to take all this on LOL. I have to just laugh at it sometimes. I have my dog sadie and she keeps me company. I wish I had the beautiful thick hair I use to have.

to accept that beauty is inside and to show the world who i am 

No body likes hair fall problem. It hurts them! When there is no hair a person becomes demotivated at every step in his/her life. But that is the ugly truth! Some advice would be having a proper diet, not to get depressed. If facing hair loss problem consult a good hair doctor for advice

Happy to help you more on alopecia- ClinicSpots

The wigs.That's the biggest problem for me.

Finding wigs that look great and within a month, they go limp.  I can usually tell how people react in general when i'm wearing a nice synthie, and it's new, nice and fluffy. Guys can't keep their eyes off you.  sometimes their hands..

In about a week or two, the wig looses that "fluffy" look, and it starts going from fluffy to grunge - especially when i wash it.  The fibers begin to fail. What was once "soft flowing loose curls" turn into spiky, splayed "prongs" that are  limp, greasy looking locks that are "too shiny" and fake.  What's even worse?  The wefts show through on the crown depending on the wig style.  Then, you have those little cow-licks that pop up through the wefts when you aren't looking.

Folks aren't looking at you the same way after wearing it.. they kind of have a look of "dismay" "sympathy" or "girl, what happened?"

I also made the mistake of  putting my wig in the basin, and turning on the hot water faucet waiting for it to warm up so that i could just have lukewarm water to clean the wig.  i turned off the faucet, started to wash the wig.  Usually, it takes a long time for the water to heat up?  But this time, after just a short period of waiting, the water was really, hot.  

Afterwards, I waited for the wig to dry and the next morning, it was flat, limp and extremely shiny. Very fake looking. Whatever they use on synthies for "low lustre" wears off in hot water, or  a couple of washings quickly.

I was waiting for my new order of wigs to come in.. and the spares that i had on hand didn't have the same curl pattern as the  damaged one.  So i had to suck it up and go to work with a totally different hair style than what everyone else was used to seeing in the last month...

No one mentioned anything to me - but then again.. They just say a things about each other when the person is not in the room.  So i'm sure i wasn't an exception.  

But my head was covered, and i wasn't scaring the hell out of the patients with my bald spots, i guess that's all that matters.

I like wearing wigs..but there are some days i would like to prove to some folks that i don't NEED to wear a wig.


The financial expenses associated with this condition.  The cost of wigs,the Canadian exchange rate, customs,  delivery ... plus expense of scarves ordered online, eyebrow sealer, eyebrow pencils,  wig tape, blah, blah, blah.


Hm... the very big problem was that I couldn't find a decent person to date with . People look only at your appearance however on dating sites you can find even senior christian https://meetville.com/catalog/us/cg-3-religion/11258/senior-christian . It's cool to build relationships with a religious person.

People who make stupid comments, "Like it's only hair".  We have a REAL DISEASE!  It's an autoimmune disease, yet insurance companies and others try to treat us as though our situation is "less-than".  When it comes to understanding and insurance coverage, people with alopecia areata really get the short end of the stick.  I am also tired of listening to cancer patients complain about their hair loss--IT IS TEMPORARY--yet people are very sympathetic to them, and insurance companies will cover the cost of a wig.

Exactly what do you mean by temporary? Temporary in that they will die so the hairless won't matter then? Temporary in that many cancer patients have life long complications after they are "cured", or that the cancer can always come back? I may have no hair but I'm not sick, I'm able to reproduce, and I'm not worried about dying before I'm 30. I lost one of the most important individuals in my world to cancer, where is my temporary?

Relief takes so long....



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