Hey there, this is only my first proper post, so sorry, but its gonna be long :) I started wearing wigs about 2.5 years ago. Starting off first with a synthetic Jon Reneau & quickly moving on to full lace human hair wigs. I have androgenic alopecia or diifuse alopecia areata (they couldn't decide!) Had been loosing my hair since I was 16, so after years of lamenting, I bit the bullet, shaved the head and got into wigs :) Having lost a lot of my confidence over those years, I'm only now starting to sort of gain it back. I've always wanted to learn how to swim & surf, so have been trying but am struggling to find the right set-up of wig (or wigs) to get me through easily. Since I bond my full wig with tape,I don't really have issues with how secure it is, my question moreso is: Is it possible to continue an active lifestyle, including waterpsorts, whilst maintaining a decent looking wig (ones thats attached to your head I mean :))? I can't afford a Follea etc type wig, plus I think most people would scream if I suggested swimming or surfing in them! I buy cheaper FL wigs from China online, thats all I can afford,theres not a lot available n my area plus I like the lengths & realistic part lines of them. However, I could see them easily being ruined by all this water activity + extra washing; my current wig is already drying out and matting a bit.Also, I don't think freedom type wigs would suit due to price and the presence of head stubble :) Does anyone else do this kind of stuff? And how do they maintain the wig or wigs? It's possible I asking for too much, but I'm still not ready to go au naturel :( any suggestions welcome xx

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Hairloss can be so limiting sometimes with regards to wigs and what they can and can't do.

If your current wig is affordable for you and you enjoy it in ever other way then, I would stay with it. There are wigs that are just dedicated for those that want to swim and save their good wig. Hip hats is one that springs to mind and from what I understand they are a very affordable alternative for the people that wear them.

As you know with a Freedom wig you can swim, etc. in them and while many people do water ski and surf...you still need to look after the hair. Sea water and Chlorine kills hair. In a Freedom Wig the hair is virgin (totally unprocessed)so it will react fairly much like people's growing hair, but from the sounds of the hair you are wearing it could be processed hair, hand-knotted etc. There can be issues with tangling, fading and caring for those type of wigs during water activities. I would say that most would not recommend those activities with the wig you are wearing.

I think the last thing you will want to do is to ruin your wig and not be able to wear it...so maybe a hip/hat will be an alternative that will help.

Good luck with everything and have fun in the water!


anyone know if Freedom Vacuum wigs are made for Men? I cannot find any real pictures of men wearing them. they sound great, specially if you can do anything with them, and not have them fly off. do they have a undetectable frontal hairline? how about the sides, if you don't wear the sides very long, does it look natural? thanks for any thoughts.


Yes they do. Here is a contact.  Info@setmefreeHS.com

I am sure you can get one from this Website. They are Professional and in wig business for more than 20 Years.

I can highly recommend https://dresslily.com particularly if you've got mid to long hair. The wigs are made with real hair and they are very realistic.

My daughter does water sports with her all lace human hair wigs. She braids her hair which seems to help. She uses super tape to attach them. I am sure that it cuts down on the length of the life of the wig. Maybe you should keep one for water sport days.

I too wear a short lace wig and I was wondering how it will hold up in water. I use a tapeless adhesive, so it is pretty secure. I'm just not sure how it will hold up in water. I'm not too concern about the wig life. I figure I will have one for water activities and the same style one for everyday wear. What brand super tape does your daughter use? Has her wig ever come off in the water?


I will try this!!!!

Could possibly be worn on a roller coaster too!

Never saw swim scarves before. Thanks for sharing! They are so cute!

Thanks for the info guys :) ugh I'm so vain!! I really don't like the idea of the hats with hair for surfing, too afraid of it coming off! I would have to bond it and I really don't like, or rather my skin doesnt,removing a bond a couple of times a week. Good info Rose Marie, I do believe I don't have virgin hair wig, they would definitely be more expensive. I think I will try the "one sporty wig" and one for good wear, haha. I do braid the hair, and rinse well & condition asap after activity but I reckon the activity is really is wearing down the wig quickly. Karen, could you tell me what type of wig or where your daughter gets her wigs and is she happy with them? I know there are some really nice lace wigs you can get, but again, they are outside my price range and probably shouldn't be swam in!

Hi, She gets all lace wigs with the silk top and attaches them with "super tape" which she gets on ebay. The super tape works best for her. We get the wigs right now from http://www.wigsroyal.com, the company is also call qdbeauty. I will say she goes thru alot of wigs every year because she never takes them off and they are super long. She is very hard on them. These wigs have made this condition tolerable for her and allowed her to get on with her life. We have looked at other types of wigs but since she prefers to sleep in a wig this works best. The hairline also is the most natural looking that we have found. There are other Chinese sites but this company seems reliable right now. If you need more help, message me and I will give you my email. I am not on this site very often any more.



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