So I think I'm ready to purchase a wig. I still have my hair but I am so tired of trying to cover up my ever increasing spot right in the middle of my crown, as well as wanting to prepare for the chance that I might end up shaving my head. My question is, while I'm not ready to shave my head yet I will probably start wearing the wig. As far as size goes will the hair I have now(not very thick but it is longer) stretch the cap out so it is unusable if/when I shave my head? Sorry if this question seems silly, but I really am so new to anything wig related. Thanks for your help!

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Hi Katelyn, Are you wearing extra hair in your photo? If not, you can braid it loosely around your head and use it to anchor the wig. If the cap does stretch, they all do in time, it can be altered if you find it is too loose after you cut your hair off. (if you do that.)
Have you thought about or tried using just a topper for now? Since it looks like your hair is quite long in your photo, a topper would be more comfortable. Wigs can be fun and look really great, but there is a learning curve to making them look natural. Any way I can help, please let me know.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your response! That is all my real hair in my pictures but of course my biggest spot is direcetly on my crown so it is becoming increasingly hard to cover. I walk to work as I live very close but even a little bit of wind and spot exposed! Even with teasing and hairspray. I've thought about toppers are there any brands you reccomend? Thanks again!

One thing I try to never do is recommend a product without really seeing the client. there are so many out there and it is difficult to say one is best. In your case I would have questions about your natural hair texture, it looks curly in your pics, your color is dark and this might be a benefit to finding a topper that has virgin hair. Also, how large is the spot that has hair loss? There are products out there that could be used in small areas and be totally undetectable.
If you want to discuss this further and can send better pictures I may be able to help you find something. Let me say that my interest is not in selling you something. I only want to help people make good choices, not sell my products. email me at if you want my help and please put something in the subject line that will let me know it is you. (I get a lot of email!)


Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it. I'll shoot you an email when I get some time to take the pictures. Thanks again! :)

I would suggest going ahead and buying a wig--I sure wish I had known this when I started losing my hair. Since my hair is so thin and there is no way I can go without wearing a wig, I just have my husband to shave my head. My wig stays on a lot better and he says I look like a "rock star" without my wig. Of course, I would never go out in public without it, but it's nice that he likes it! My suggestion is to find a wig that is really suitable for you and buy several of the same style. If you're brave, get the same style, but go with different colors. I have ordered so many wigs that once I got them, they just weren't "me". My very favorite is Gala by Gabor and I own probably 6 of these. If you wear them all day every day, they don't last but several months and you will always want one on hand for special occasions. Good luck in finding the perfect wig if you do decide to purchase one!

Thank you for your advice! I think for now I will stick to something that is very close to my natural hair as I'm not ready to be out and proud about my AA. However depending on what happens with my hair (so unpredictable!), I will be more open to buying different colors and styles. Thanks again!

Keep us posted as to what you decide to do. :-)

will do! :) Thanks for your support.

Hi Katelyn, I know how you feel, wig-wearing is such a minefield, I've found all the terminology and choices very confusing! I didn't even want to contemplate getting a wig initially, let alone put one on. Eventually I ended up getting my wig from a company that makes wigs primarily for Jewish ladies who have to cover their hair for religious reasons. Most of these ladies all still keep their hair under their wigs and it doesn't stretch the cap or anything, they make them with a bit of extra room in the top of the cap to fit their real hair underneath. It was also helpful getting it from that company as the women who work their are all Jewish and so wear wigs themselves everyday so they were able to answer a lot of my questions and they were very kind and patient with me. I did initially keep my long hair under my wig but as it was getting worse and I was sick of it coming out all the time I ended up shaving it off and I have to say that the wig is a lot more comfortable and secure now. However it is completely fine to have hair underneath as well, you just squish it up and you can wear a wig cap/wig liner over your hair to flatten it down before you put the wig on. If my hair doesn't start growing back in within a few months then I'll probably have to get a second wig and I don't think I'd get this sort again as now that I don't have much hair underneath I do find that there's a bit of an empty space at the top of the cap where the hair would be squashed in, and this annoys me, sometimes I think other people must notice, however I don't think it's noticeable to anyone other than me. I guess it'll also be good if/when my hair starts growing back as there's space for it to grow into before it gets long enough for an actual haircut... However there's not looking likely at the moment unfortunately. Hope this was helpful anyway, take care :) x


Thank you for your response! Crazy, I would have never even thought to search for such a thing. Assuming you are wearing the wig in your profile picture, it really looks so nice on you! While you may not be completely comfortable with out your wig yet, you are a truely stunning woman and I can bet you look beautiful with out it as well. At the moment I'm a little torn between a hair peice to cover the area, as it is really such a hard area to intergrate anything like that, or just going for the wig. Did you order your wig online or is there a shop close to you? This is all so very intersting!

Yeah, I wouldn't have thought of it either, I just found them while searching for something that would work for me. Yep that is the wig in my profile pic, it has its good and its bad days though, it's definitely not perfect! I didn't buy it online, there is a company where I live and I went in to meet them and they made it for me based on pictures I gave them of my hair before the AA started up again - it's actually a really good match in terms of length and colour, they did a brilliant job and most people seem not to have noticed the change (which always really surprises me as I do feel like a wig with eyes when I look in the mirror sometimes!) I know a lot of people on here have success ordering online but personally I think I would have found that quite stressful as you can't be sure of what you're getting until it arrives and it's already such a difficult process to go through. I wanted to be sure that I got something that was as close of a match to my own hair as possible the first time round. It is quite expensive doing it that way though, I'm lucky that my parents were able to help me out financially as I wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise. I'm still assuming/hoping that my alopecia will sort itself out and let my hair all grow back in time (hopefully soon as I'd really like my own hair again at some point in the new year!!) but until then I'm pretty happy with the wig I've got at the moment. Good luck finding something that works for you and I hope your alopecia starts to get better soon :)

Hi Katelyn, Probably Top Piece is suitable for you. Or if you would like to wear wig, you can select stretch mesh back wig with adjustable straps at neck area.



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