HI Guys,

Has anyone imported Xeljanz from india via Fedex?

Just wondering if its reliable and if it gets through customs without issue.


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Hi All,

I have some boxes of 5mg beacon tofa that I’m looking to part with as I no longer use it. If anyone from the UK is interested feel free to DM me. 



I am interested and have sent you a friend request.


Hey everyone! I tried doing a transfer to Beacon using OFX but they aren't allowing it due to Beacon being an online pharmacy. Can anyone advise me what transfer service I can use that won't inquire about why I'm sending money? I'm located in the US. Thanks!


I just wire through my bank


Im from Australia, I have ordered off beacon before in the past with no issues, now they are asking for prescription, is this the same for everyone now? cheers Paul.

Hi Paul, as far as I know they will accept most proofs including a letter stating you are taking the drug or a 'vague prescription'. ....

By the way, slightly off topic, but I have a little trip to Australia later this year and I'm stressing a bit about bringing meds with me... Experienced any issues? 

Hi Nick, thanks for the msg,  I not sure about taking meds with you on a plane, I think in small quantities should not be a problem, but ive had no problems having meds posted into Australia

 before, always gone thru, cheers.



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