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Modified Coimbra Protocol...high dose vitamin D for Immune modulation

I have no designated Coimbra practitioners here in Toronto Canada. I've had alopecia Universalis since I was 30...I am now 55.. Over two years ago I had my genome read and found out I have polymorphism in my VDR (vitamin D receptor gene) where I don't convert sunlight into vitamin D very efficiently. When I went to get my vitamin D levels checked at the time at I was under 30 (ng/ml) . …very low. Since then, I…


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Genetics and immunology of alopecia areata

berberine, curcumin, cordyseps, red yeast rice and salacia are all natural JAK1/2/3 inhibitors

I'm going to be taking these for three months...will get back with results

there is a microbiome connection ...video mentions antibiotics checking rat induced…


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the VDR (vitamin D receptor gene) inflammation and keratin (hair and nail) production

I personally have 3 SNP's on my VDR gene which makes is harder for me to convert sunlight into Vitamin D..I also have a gene that make me prone to skin cancer...hence my dilemma

Vitamin D receptor regulates intestinal proteins…


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Organic 99% sulfur and hair growth

I've been taking organic sulfur for 2 months , a teaspoon a day and my eye lashes are growing back. Sulphur also helps phase 2 liver detox, so is good for getting estrogen and other steroid hormones out of the body faster, as well as toxic metabolites sitting around from phase 1 liver detox. I've never seen anyone whose phase 2 was as fast as their phase 1, have you? I think everyone can benefit…


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Topical vitamin D and AA

Successful treatment of AA with topical vitamin D:


Most people with alopecia have a vitamin D deficiency especially if they have a defect in the VDR gene ( like I do, I don't convert Vitamin D from the sun very well)

Might want to get your vitamin D levels checked and if low take like 4000ui a day and get some topical vitamin D and…


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Low dose naltrexone and autoimmune disease

Apparently this is a very safe drug and it has good results with severe pain related autoimmune diseases...anyone try it for alopecia?

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Lectins and automimmunity

blood type diet is the anti lectin diet and this is where Dr Gundry get's his cues from

Q: You mentioned lectins in the blood, what do you think of Dr. D’adamo with his blood type diet…. there’s no study on it but do you have a take?

A: His original thinking was that he set up a paper tiger to knock it down, because the vast majority of people are type O. Isn’t it interesting that the type O diet is the best selling diet and easiest to…


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MTOR Activation = TH17 activation and suppression of Treg cells and FoxP3 = autoimmunity

I've used NAC for three months now and hair began to regrow...I will keep you posted over the months

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Cytokines and alopecia

All Autoimmune disorders(Alopecia etc) have a dysfunctional cytokine reaction component to it

For the purposes of inhibiting ACE and reducing cytokines, the following foods and compounds seem to be the best choices:

• Green tea (ACE inhibitor, reduces cytokines)

• Black tea (ACE inhibitor, reduces cytokines)

• Quercetin (possible ACE inhibitor, reduces cytokines)

• Pomegranate juice (ACE inhibitor)

• Red wine (ACE inhibitor)

• Turmeric (reduces…


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