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Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation Conference July 19-21

Hi Everyone

just a quick note to let everyone know that Canaaf is hosting their annual Come Together Conference at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagra Falls July 19-21. I will be sharing my story on Sunday of the conference. Meet others with Alopecia, share journeys, and get great advice and resources. More info is found at 

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On the radio sharing my alopecia story

Hi all,

I was on the radio this morning sharing my alopecia journey.  If interested click on the link, scroll to the 1pm showtime and move the audio cursor to 1:30pm.  I am on the show from 1:30 - 2pm.

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Lessons learned from my students & alopecia

I am a high school teacher along with running my business. In high school, I teach some tough kids, the kids that don't love school, the ones that have many other issues that make school seem meaningless and the kids that teach me everyday in one way or another.  I love both my jobs.

I decided to share my story about my hair loss with my students this year and with my high school volleyball team that I coach.  The result was complete understanding and empathy from all of the students.…


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5 years ago…there was a spot

This month, 5 years ago, marks the beginning of my journey into alopecia.  It was a brutal month in which hair was falling out by handfuls, far too many tears were shed and a time in which I travelled down into the darkest place I didn't even know existed.  It was brutal.  The finality of the hair loss occurred that June in which I was left with not a hair on my body and hit bottom.

I revisited some of my posts during the beginning, and they are hard to read without tears and yet that…


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Dove ad with alopecia beauty! Dove Glowing Skin Billboard: Abby

Check out the link below and see the Dove ad made with an alopecian beauty. She is truly stunning.

Dove Glowing Skin Billboard: Abby

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There's no shame in alopecia

On the NAAF feed on Facebook this morning there is a fantastic picture of the Disney princesses sans hair. It made me smile and got me thinking...

I was watching Shrek the other night with my kids. It was the movie with the princesses (Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella...Shrek II perhaps?) The main villainess turns out to be Rapunzel coupled with that Nasty Prince Charming. As Shrek and Fiona conquer all things evil including the dubious Rapunzel and Charming, what should happen…


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Celebs with Alopecia on ABC News

Hope everyone's Advent season is going well!

Found this on NAAF's Facebook page so I thought I would share. Some are familiar faces...others I had know idea.

Hope this link works.

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What has alopecia taught you?

This is a question I reflect upon every once in awhile. I guess I'm a believer in the saying "Things happen for a reason" and so I often think about what is the reasoning behind my alopecia.

For myself, two lessons resonate for me.

Lesson 1) I learned that I am far stronger than I ever thought I was or could be. When you are first thrown in the spotlight of alopecia, all of those small self-conscious issues surface quickly. For myself, they didn't go I had to "deal"…


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Alopecia Awareness!

Alopecia is getting exposure up here in the Great White North! (Just had fluffy white looks beautiful!) Check out the following link to see the Marilyn Dennis Show and our lovely Alopecia model!…


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Running for a hero and a cause!

I was brought to tears this morning as I read my "Congratulations you have been selected to run in Rick Hansen's 25th Anniversary Relay across Canada" notice.

Rick Hansen is a man who has been my hero since his first relay across Canada, "Man in Motion", 25 years ago when I was 10 years old (So now you know I'm 35 years young) He is paraplegic and has been raising money to encourage research into spinal injuries and possible cures. He has made life better for thousands of Canadians… Continue

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Freckles make you smarter!

Freckles....I have lots of them! As a kid I remember the single band of freckles stretching across my nose to my cheeks. I never thought much about my freckles, in fact, I kind of liked them...they were ME!

Once I hit my teens my freckles continued to repopulate...if there was a blank canvas, a freckle was sure to appear. I thought my freckles were cool and made me different, unique, interesting.

That is until the day I read an article in one of those high fashion… Continue

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Contest on Cityline...I've been entered.

Hi all,

I have been entered into a contest (thanks mom!) on Cityline (Toronto morning show). The contest is for women and is about sharing their stories of "I can achieve." You can go to the link , read my story and vote if you like.

My story I think is like many of yours (told from my mom's eyes). You can vote daily and what is even better is that each… Continue

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1 year alopecian anniversary...isn't this the paper anniversary? I'll take hair instead:)

So about one year to this day I found my first spot...I remember being in complete shock, getting verification from the hubby and thinking "What the heck is this?" I remember going to my 1st doctor is somewhat of a panic and being told "alopecia" and thinking alowhat??? I remember a second spot starting while we were at the cabin and this is where the story turns ugly. I remember that weekend just bawling as I had more and more hair fall out and felt tingling all over my body. I remember just… Continue

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I'm Mrs. Potato head and I'm a bucket of fun...but she's looking for permanent brows...Advice.

Just getting tired of having my clean slate in the morning. I imagine myself somedays drawing in my "Angry eyebrows", while other days the "suprised eyebrows", or "sad eyebrows" "happy eyebrows"...add the hair, the eyelashes (which I still have yet to conquer successfully) and there I am...Mrs. Potato Head. It does sometimes give me the giggles when I think of it that way.

Looking for eyebrow tattoo advice, if anyone could give it.

1) What do I look for in a tattoo artist.… Continue

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If I were my brows and lashes...where would I be??

They're gone, except for the odd random lash or brow. I miss the brows especially. Since January of this year I have pretty much lost every hair on my body. Everything below the waist, I say so long and farewell...but for everything above the neck...ouch...this hurts. I have two great wigs and my GI Jane look, but wondering if anyone has the name of any brands of eyeliner or brow pencils that don't erase when you waterski, jog etc. Life keeps going...and is going well, hair or no hair. More… Continue

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Shaved it off! - Missing...between 100-200 thousand hairs. If found please return to this rightful owner

Well I did it. The hair is gone. My spots were getting to the "I look sick "stage and the hubby helped me make the call. He shaved my head with my little girl present. Her response "You look like Uncle Paul" my handsome brother in law who sports his head -shaved look. My husband's response "You have a good head" How do I feel...Relieved a bit, stunned alot, sad a bit, but not as painful as I thought. In a very abstract weird way, I think I look least not sickly which is what I saw in… Continue

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New feelings...

Well today I got my very first hairpiece. I LOOOOVVVVEEE it!!! I feel beautiful!!! I felt confident in my buffs and bandanas but it wasn't quite me. But today I feel awesome. The first time in a long time. My hubby LOOOVVVES it as well. He has been such a crutch in this whole continuing journey. My hairpiece is longer than I wear my hair but almost an exact match in terms of color. Giselle, my hairpiece sensai, said it well "I guarantee you can go shorter, but length...not going to happen" I… Continue

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Shock, pain and raw emotions...the good the bad and the ugly

I have been losing the most hair ever lately. One shower episode lead to two full handfull of hair plus two brush fulls. It was strange I didn't cry. husband took a look at the back of my hair the other day. He was pointing out where all the spots were. I asked him to take me up to the mirror to show me...I was shocked and devastated. The back of my head looked as though a lawn mower had attacked it...awful. I bawled...I mean just bawled. It was a down to the bottom of my toes bawl… Continue

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Did the hokey pokey to my head...with the derm's needle

Went to a new dermatologist yesterday. She was great. A good listener, and was able to answer questions...much better experience than the first derm. She looked at my many(yes there are several patches in my head now ...AWESOME!!!) patches and saw hair growing back in a few of them...yeay!!! She suggested that she inject steroid around the newer patches and some that were just starting sprouts. I agreed to it, and about 30 (maybe more) needle pokes later, done. Here's how it felt;

1)… Continue

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Got wiggy with least I tried some on.

So I went wig shopping (hear the "psycho movie" song in background). What an odd experience. I dealt with someone who wasn't doing this very long and went to a store that had very little in terms of selection, but it was okay. Here were the overall feelings.

1) I didn't bawl like I thought I was going to...instead, I just opened my mind to the idea and tried on different cuts, colours etc.

2) I laughed (never expected that!!)...the lady put an "old lady" wig on me since it… Continue

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