I have had a few people ask me about my eyelashes....I am never embarassed to say they are not mine own....and always willing to give other advice on how to wear them! Let me know if you have additional questions but here is how I do it:

I use a product called fashion lashes from Ardell….I use the demi 120 they are full and dark but not to costumey. I would recommend starting to use the lashes (if possible) when you still have a few lashes so that you get the hang of where to put them. If you don't have lashes you can definatley still use them....I haven't had a single lash for over 2 years and still have no problem putting the lashes on! I started off using a much lighter density when I had a few lashes left but as I got use to them and the few lashes I had left fell out I increased the lash set to the demi 120.

I apply them everyday and remove them every night…they get ruined if you sleep in them!! I learned that the hard way when I accidentally fell asleep with them on…not good! I buy them at a local convince store here it’s called Rite Aid… you might not have Rite Aid but I am sure they have them at Walgreens or whatever you have for convince stores in your area. I have also bought some from MAC cosmetics but they are really expensive and for how long they last it’s not worth it!!! The cheap ones are just as good!

When you take them out of the package be careful because the glue they use to secure it to the plastic case is hard. I’ve bent one the wrong way before and it’s hard to correct. Once you get it out, some-what gently pull the glue off in small sections being careful not to pull down to hard and distorting the shape. Don’t worry if you can't get all the glue off it will come off eventually. Once a good amount of the glue is off take the tips of both ends and push them together gently flex the band by bending it in-ward increasing the arc to a rain drop shape (this helps get the lash to stay in shape when you put it on your eye.) Next use the adhesive (I like the white adhesive….it turns clear when dry but is white when wet so you can see where you are putting it.) apply a thin amount of the adhesive along the band then wait approximately 30 seconds (this gives the glue time to get tacky which helps it stick quicker. If you put the lashes on as soon as you put the glue on it... it is to wet and slips around but if you wait to long it dries up and doesn’t stick.) Once you have counted approximately 30 seconds take the lash with both hands use your index fingers and thumbs to grab the lashes by the ends of the band (the first and last lash) and put the whole thing just above or right where your normal lash line would be as close as you can. I usually put it on the outer corner first and then the inner corner. Once it is on the lashes tend to want to lay down so once they are really tacky and staying on good, push the lashes (not the band) up lightly. You will learn as you go..if they stick up to much just brush them down with your finger. I am sure everyone has a different technique as far as how they hold the lash goes but that is what works for me! I've also been know to use tweezers if the outside edge needs to be repositioned closer. I spent a lot of frustrated mornings messing up before I got use to it so don’t get discouraged.... you’ll figure it out!!

Through out the day the outer edges tend to come loose especially if it's a new lash strip...in that case I look in a makeup mirror grab my glue dab a small amount on the corner of my right hand index finger nail and with my left hand I hold the lash up and out of the way...then (with right hand nail) I put a SMALL amount of glue directly on the eye lash line spot where I want the lash to go...then I put the lash down on the glue and wait until it feels tacky...then I give it a little while and push up on the lashes if necessary. I am so use to doing this that it is not a hassel but at first it may seem like one.

I hope this helps and doesn’t overwhelm you!! Please let me know if I can answer and questions or help in any way! Good luck trying the lashes!!!


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Comment by Cheryl, Co-founder on April 8, 2008 at 10:12pm
Thanks for the tips Nicole.
Comment by Tanya on April 11, 2008 at 2:31am
Great tips Nicole. I still have lashes but my Asians eyelids pretty much covered them. I have one pair from MAC, but every time when I have an occasion to wear them I think of how they tend to come loose. I thought it was just me ;) So thanks for the tips! I'll try them out.
Comment by amanda~ on July 22, 2008 at 7:39am
Do you find that wearing the Ardell lashes every day irritates your eyelids at all? I have only worn them a day here and there, never many days in a row. They look awesome and so natural on you....I think I might just follow your lead and give it a shot.
Comment by SportyAusGirl on March 21, 2009 at 11:00pm
I'm hanging out for they day they find something that sticks for at least a week, like semi-permanent eyelashes. this is the hardest thing about alopecia in my opinion. The only thing that makes me very sad is my eyelashes :(
Comment by Amy on September 30, 2009 at 11:28pm
Nicole, do you use bottom lashes or just liner?
Comment by Rebecca Strobel on August 8, 2010 at 11:58am
Thank you so much! I have been so frustrated with eyelashes and putting them on. I had a professional do it and they still came off within a few minutes (it was the glue). Is there any glue that truly works? I have the MAC glue - DUO but is there anything else you would recommend? I went on to Cheryn Int'l and they had a great selection of lashes and brows...
Comment by Amy on August 13, 2010 at 1:45pm
I like the dark duo glue. I found that the white sometimes dried gray and Id have to use liquid liner on it. Another step, I dont need!


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