Perhaps I just have my Alopecia radar on these days, but I swear there are more and more people popping up everywhere with Alopecia lately! For the longest time growing up I never knew anyone else that shared the same condition as me. I felt lonely and wished I had someone to relate to.

What I'd like to know is - when you see a stranger with obvious Alopecia (not just thinning hair, but someone who has tell tale smooth patches, or completely void of hair like me) on the street, in a store etc.

Do you ever speak to them?
Do you strike up a conversation with them?
Why do you or why would you not?

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There are more people out there with alopecia but that's only been at par with the growing population - 2% is 2%! I have spoken to people I've seen with alopecia when out and about however because I go bald people usually notice me first. I talk to them because I'm interested in knowing where they stand with alopecia. It's always great to have another alopecian friend who holds his/her head up high and its even better to be there for someone when they thought nobody would ever understand them.
I always do, but it's funny -- I never started meeting other alopecians until 3 years ago, and come to find out I work with several!!! More often than not, I am often the one that is the most well-adjusted, whereas the alopecians I meet tend to either be newly diagnosed or still stuck in the pity party mentality. Usually after meeting me, we tend to stay in touch, and their difference in outlook is amazing -- it never ceases to amaze me what finding someone who can relate to what you are going through can do!!!
I haven't met anyone outside around town. But, I did work with a gal that her sister in law was going through it, and was just diganosed.
Since I am open about it, and everyone at work knows I wear my hair. They are always willing to come up and talk to be about things.
Anyways, She gave the young lady my number so she could call and talk to me. Cause she wasn't doing that well. But, I never heard from her :( Its too bad...
If I knew someone that had it ten years ago, It probably would of helped me coping with it all. Instead I knew nobody. But, my parents & brothers were there for me through the whole process and still today :)
Now, I have neices that want me to always wear the pink flowered scarves and nothing Funny huh!
A girl at my bank asked why i started shaving my head and i told her the reason. Well, one of her co-workers said she noticed the really smooth patches and told me she also had alopecia and how long. She still had her hair but had two bald patchses. Anyway, we talked about it and I felt less alone. I don't think I could just approach a stranger about it but thought it was nice that someone else w/ alopecia asked me.
What a great topic!! I swear the mall in my town is a breeding ground for AU. It seems like I see another one every time I go. I am usually way too embarassed to go up and ask. I feel like if they aren't wearing a wig they wouldn't mind talking about it, but I still usually never say anything. But one time I did see a girl wearing a wig and she had no eyebrows/eyelashes so I stalked her for a while then asked "um, do you have alopecia?" and she said yes. So I got really excited and said "ME TOO!" but she was just like, "oh. ok."

It was a little bit of a downer, because I wanted to be her new best friend I guess. Hahaha! When I see someone wearing a wig I don't want to offend them by letting them know I can tell it's a wig. But I would LOVE for another alopecian to talk to ME. So, I don't know. I have pretty mixed feelings about it. I really want to talk to them, but I usually chicken out.
I know exactly what you are talking about. I've seen more people with it these days. I want to say something, but usually I have my wig on and I don't want to offend them or make them feel uncomfortable so I keep walking. Allie
There is a guy that I see when I walk to the carpark from where I work and I have seen often. He is completely bald with no eyebrows and eyelashes and looks really good so I know that he has alopecia. Every time I see him I would look at him and I gather it would look funny because he would be wondering why this little asian girl keeps looking at him all the time. Next time I see him..I told myself that I would approach him to say HI.
Interesting how we deal with people, everyone has their own "way". Since I started noticing people with Alopecia more often I now feel very confident speaking with them. Naturally I assess the situation, I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable by my forwardness. So far I have been well received when I approach Alopecian strangers. I've always been very outgoing and have no problem meeting people. I find that a smile and compliments really go a long way.

About 3 weeks ago I was tending to the gardens at my local library (I am a Horticultural volunteer) and I looked up to see a man perhaps in his early 50's. To me it was obvious that he had AT or AU. With a big smile I asked if he had Alopecia? Naturally he was surprised by my question and laughed and said "Yes, how do you know about that?" I told him that I have it too and I have the most severe form of it. He didn't beleive me, I showed him my arms, asked him to look closely at my face, pointing to my brows and lack of lashes, I told him that I choose to wear wigs. We had a nice little chat standing there on the street. His wife joined in the conversation. They had a number of questions and were so surprised to hear that I had it too. They had been told by their doctor that it was like a 1 in a million chance to get it and thought he was the only one. I shared with them a bunch information and told them about this website (maybe we'll him here soon!?). By the end of our little chat we were all laughing and his wife was referring to me as his "sister".

I'm happy to share with people my experience and information that I have learned. I think that he left feeling very positive. I always carry a pen and paper with me and always make sure I give them my email address or phone number (sometimes). I just like to let them know that if they have questions or need some one to talk to they can reach out. In the last couple of years I've met 3 people in our county that have AT or AU. They have all seemed to enjoy meeting me.

It makes me feel good and I hope it helps them to know that they are not alone :-)
I talked to an alopecian over the weekend, he was in front of me in line at the store. I told him about this website and I hope he makes it but, like Orbit, I need to carry around a pen and paper to give to people I meet. I just asked him right out front if he had alopecia, I wasn't wearing my hair - just a hat so I obviously have it! He was quite open about it, he'd had it for something like 17 years and seemed well adjusted, I just wished we had more time to talk.
I'm the kind of person that sees more of their shoes than their surroundings when out in public, but I have noticed one or two alopecians in my travels. I tend not to say anything, and avoid eye contact, though. :/ I get uncomfortable in a hurry when strangers attempt to engage me out of the blue with compliments ("wow, shiny!") or questions ("what razor do you use?"), and I falsely assume others react the same way.
If any of you ever sees me PLEASE SAY SOMETHING!!!! I'm 3 years into this, and I work in a very public sector job and I've never met another AA,AT,AU nobody. People with hair don't say anything, my co-workers eventually all figured out why I suddenly shaved my head, they don't say anything to be polite I guess. Everybody else just doesn't say anything. Convince me I'm not living in some Sci-Fi movie........... say SOMETHING!!!!!!
I'm a teacher and this year another teacher I met has alopecia as was nice to talk to someone who actually UNDERSTOOD what I was going through....when I found out, I immediately went to talk to her about it and she told me she didn't know anyone else either. So I was very happy to have met her.

Before her, I'd never met anyone...and haven't done since, yet my doctor keeps telling me there are a lot...



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