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just wondering can a doctor tell if the hairfollicles say on brows or lash line are dead or not (meaning at some point there is a chance they may grow back)? does that need a biopsy? or do they have something special that they can use to tell if the follicles on face are alive.. I ask because my part of my lashes have gone and if it were like my scalp i would have seen some growth (alopecia areata) is it common for lashes to take longer to grow back.. I hope someone can help answer me

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I have never known a doctor to biopsy lash follicles or eyebrows only because it would leave a scar. Most of them can tell what may happen if hair is being lost on legs and arms and even nose hairs. That being said, they do take longer to grow than hair on head, especially lashes. There is the most natural eye lashes by Ardell Number 110 that we have been using for years, give them a look at target or CVS. I have found that even with Alopecia Universalis that lashes can come back even better then brows. It is a wait and see situation and there is no way to control this uncontrollable condition. 

With scaring alopecia when the hair falls out it is because the hair follicle has died and the follicle comes out with the hair.   A dermatologist should be able to view the area under a microscope to see if there are any signs of 'fuzz' but if it is has gone dormant then I think the dermatologist would struggle.  If you had a biopsy the area which is remove will definitely not produce hair anymore.  If you don't have scaring alopecia you're in with a chance that they will grow back.  Good luck.  



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