Many people wear hairpieces for many different reasons.  Such as to blend in, stand out, perhaps you are the type to who prior to alopecia, always went to the salon or enjoyed doing your hair.

What are your reasons for wearing or even not wearing a wig?

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Yes!  I remember my mom use to wear wigs.

I wear wigs because as a career hairstylist, I've always known how important great hair is to someone's appearance.  This becomes even more important as one ages.  The right hair color and style can transform someone's face for better or worse.  It's also a way to convey your style sense to the world, as much as clothes and accessories.  And it's just plain fun to wear different wigs depending on one's mood or outfit.


I love thinking of wigs as accessories, like the choice to wear glass or contacts.   Yes, it also allows you to convey style. 

I have also seen people do the same thing with scarves, fabric, henna tattoos, jewels....  

You look stunning by the way!

Ah good point!! And thank you for the compliment! 

I wish I were idgaf enough to go bare headed.  I am too self conscious- unfortunately.  I wear hair every day every where I go.   My employer wouldn't/couldn't say a word weather I did or not. My husband wouldn't care. My kids or friends wouldn't.  It's all me and my head.  I admire every single woman who doesn't care and is proud and beautiful out and about showing off their bare head.  You'd think after 35 years, I'd be over it by now.   Sigh.  

I wear a wig to fit in.  I wont lie, I dont want to normalize a disorder I have, because to me, its not normal. People constantly get it confused with me having cancer and going through chem treatments, no matter how much I try to explain it people just dont get it.  I dont have the type of face or head shape that would look nice going bare-headed, so I dont.  I have thought about getting my head tattooed, I think I may go bare-headed if I could get that done if it were done the way I wanted it.  But for now, I'm way too insecure to go without a hair piece/wig.

"Insecure"??  I don't see you as being "insecure" at all, Dreamscometrue.  You are simply trying to live your life (like the rest of us) in the best manner possible.  Why do some people with the autoimmune disease of alopecia areata/totalis/universalis think it is our job to educate the public about it?  You're right about the cancer thing though.  Who wants people coming up to them all the time, looking at their condition, and then saying, "I'll pray for you."  Yes, it is sweet and touching for them to say that, but it's also frustrating as well (LOL!)

I have been contemplating the tattoo idea for a long time. Does anybody on here have some good ideas about it?

Right with normal hair in 2001 vs now 2022 with AU. i have once tried a wig back in 2008 but it looked awkward.
Now I just cover my head to protect from sunlight/heat or cold. otherwise i look handsome the way I am

I hate w.igs - nasty scratchy things. Only wear a wig for a formal occasion. The resrt of the time, it's hats!

I would never dream of going out in public without a wig!  I had hair for 65 years and that is what I am used to having.  Besides, I have no desire to advertise my medical problems to the world.  However, I don't have any problem whatsoever with someone who chooses NOT to wear a wig.  In the end, it's an individual choice.  But  I do get a little tired of people talking about people who choose NOT to wear a wig as being "brave".  What's "brave" about doing what you feel is best for yourself?



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