For those of you with alopecia universalis like myself at what age did you develop it?

Just wondering at what age did you develop alopecia universalis? And if it was in areata stage at what age did I first see your first spot and by what age did it become universalis?Thank you.

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I got totalis first at age 42 then progressed to universalis by 1 yr then back to totalis then rapidly to full regrowth. However now I feel the symptoms and signs coming back so I’m back to meds again before everything falls off again

1 patch of AA at age 50.  Nothing more until AU at age 65.  AU followed 2 other autoimmune diseases I got the previous year.  

In my 40's when I developed AA. Now 63 with AU. Lost it all about a year ago or at least that is when I shaved my head. Now a year later, I don't even have any stubble on my scalp any more. 

I was about 13.  I'm 47 now.

It started as AA.  My dad gave haircuts to the boys in my family, at least when we were young.  He had one of those home barber kits.  Anyway, he was cutting my hair and noticed this bald patch in the back of my head.  It was totally smooth, about the size of an old silver dollar.  It was at the base of my neck, so hair was covering it up.

My mom took me a few days later to the pediatrician, who looked at it and then said to see a dermatologist.  So I got taken to a dermatologist, and he said I had alopecia areata.  He gave me some injections and some topsyn gel.  

Spots sort of came and went for about two years.  Then, I pretty rapidly lost all my hair.  I was just going through puberty, so I never really had much in terms of pubic hair, and all the peach fuzz on my arms and legs disappeared.  My parents took me to some other doctor who was doing treatments with DNCB, but that really itched.  Then I got a wig.  I've had AU for over 30 years.  Every now and then a few hair follicles appear somewhere such as on my toes.

I've never shaved.  I have a 13 year old son, and I'm going to have to send him to Grandpa to learn how to shave.  One time I was watching a TV show with my daughter, who was about 8 at the time, and there was a scene of a guy shaving in the bathroom.  My daughter said he looked like Grandpa.  He didn't look anything like Grandpa, but he was shaving, and my daughter had basically never seen someone shave except her Grandpa, and I guess she assumed it was something only really old men did or something, I don't know.

I am currently 22 years old and I have had alopecia universalis since I was 14 years old. I had a spot here and there when I was younger (maybe one in like, 2nd grade), but it was barely a dime size and always grew back. When I was 14, my hair started to dramatically fall out and within 2 months I had no hair on my head. Shortly after that, eyebrows, eyelashes, and body hair followed. To this day, I have had no substantial re-growth anywhere. 



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