i've had au for two and a half years now and haven't had the guts to go out without anything on my head. but with summer approaching, my boyfriend and his family want to take me to waterparks since i have never been to any.. i'm not sure what to do. how would people react. i am very sensitive and can get very emotional if someone says something nasty. i don't want to get upset about it, but i just know that i will. it's something that i'm really trying to work on but has been very difficult. so i'm just wondering how everyone else deals with it. any advice at all would be extremely helpful!!

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I'm going to the beach next week with my husband's entire family! Cousins and everything! I am dealing with the same issue right now! I love the water and love to swim, but I don't want to get my head wet!
Hi - I've been swimming 'au natural' for the past two years now, been au for 5yrs - it did take time to build up the courage. I notice you wear glasses, so do I, when they are off I can't see people's reactions to me bobbing about bald. I never had any comments made about my appearance from anyone young or old whilst swimming (maybe just luck). I took my niece to a waterpark a few weeks ago, my Mum was spectating, and she couldn't see anyone staring or taking a slide ways glance. Sometime the barriers are in our minds.
I can empathize, I watched my kids go out on a banana boat last summer and I really wanted to be on it! :( I have been au for about 6 months and would not let people see me bald yet, except immediate family.
I went on a weekend trip recently and stayed where they had a pool. I wore my bandana but it slipped off a few times. Its easier when you are away from home and don't know anyone. I think I will wear a bandana this summer but tape or bond it to my head.
I don't know about this idea- but thought I throw it out there. I recently was shopping and looking at bathing suits and they had a whole bunch of very sporty and cute looking swim caps. They were made by Nike and Speedo- they looked like they were for racing- Maybe use it while swimming and afterwards head to the bathroom to dry off and put your wig back on?? When I was younger I was on a swim team and we used them during competitions- they will not come off your head. (like a bandana might.) :)
A good friend of mine just suggested that to me the other day. She said "wear a swimming cap, no one will ever know the difference. Then when you're done swimming you can go in the bathroom and put your bandanna back on". I think that is what I will do if I get to go swimming this summer.
Hi Kaitlin,

I've been AU for a year and a half. I felt the same way at first...and I stopped swimming and missed it. I tried to wear wigs and just couldn't. Now I go everywhere bald. I know it's hard, and not for everyone, but it sure feels good in the pool!

If you haven't seen them, look at my photos and blog about my first bald scuba diving trip. I know I couldn't have managed it if I were still wearing a wig - in and out of the water all day on a dive boat, in and out of a dive suit and hood. And, diving was actually more comfortable than when I had hair.

It's been a journey for me - I won't elaborate here, but please check out my page and videos for my perspective on this issue.

Good luck!
I wear a scarf tied in back with a tight knot, but then, I only wade at my age...no dunking or slides. You COULD go online for retro bathing caps and just be totally campy and fun with it. At least those have chin straps!
haha.. i was just at seaside yesterday [sunday].. i still wasn't ready to go bare so i wore my wig with a yankee hat and just layed out in the sun. the water was surprisingly veryyyy cold!! so i guess that worked to my benefit.but tomorrow i'm going to hershey park with the boy. still haven't decided what to do. hmm..? idk guess we'll see.. haha!!
what kind of hairpiece do you wear?
i tie a bandana around my head to help keep my wig on. i swim like that, snorkel, ride amusement park rides, whatever. it has never fallen off for me. just a regular old bandana.
i have an old wig that i don't care if it gets wet, it's my 'swim wig' lol.
i wear snythetic. i want human but it's a little out of my price range right now.
I have two different perspectives:

before i went AU - when it was just AA off and on, i always had problems at beaches and water parks. one, i cant swim LOL. and two, im a black woman who didnt like to have relaxers, so the chlorine and even getting my hair wet would completely ruin my day since it meant hours of hotcombing my hair straight when i came home. booo. so often i would just take care to keep my head above water, partly because i would drown, and another because its was easier.

after i went AU, i was actually living in hawaii, and went to the beach and pool a ton. i would do one of two things. i would either wear one of my older wigs with a tightly secured bandana for when i planned on just lounging or i would ditch the wig and put on a swim cap if i figured i woudl get REALLY wet, or wanted to snorkel!

its what you are comfortable with. I feel you though about not being comfortable in going completely bald. Probably if iw as somewhere that i didnt know anyone (ie vacation or something of that nature) then i might be more likely. but i lived there at the beach and always had that possibility of running into someone i knew.

also if it helps - i never had my wig with bandana or swim cap fall off :)



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