I had another alopecia episode and my eyebrows fell out again. This has had a dramatic impact on my appearance. I was scared to tell my then girlfriend but eventually plucked up the courage to tell her. I saw her again and she tells me she no longer loves me and has no feelings for me any more. This really hurts , I would have gone to hell and back just to make her happy.

This has made me doubt myself even more than before :(

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Hi Aimee,

Yes we were , its just so hard feels like there is an empty space inside of me . I feel betrayed, angry , frustrated, lonely , sad and helpless. Its all about looks for most and i've lost mine . 

Same thing happened with me with my long time girlfriend. Don't chase her, let her make the mistake and you will be just fine. Keep your head up. 

Thanks Jason,

It is very difficult I cant get her out of my head and have a deep feeling of betrayal. 

Nothing I used to enjoy is working for me so I'm lost . I just don't find those things are fun any more.

I hate you alopecia , I hate you

people will always show their true colors better to find out then never know the truth.. im so sorry ...

<3 much love darling

Just know that she would have done the same thing one day when you got sick from X Y and Z like we all eventually do in life. At least you found out she's like that and can be free of that relationship when you didn't PHYSICALLY need someone's help. :)

Feel what you need to feel. This absolutely sucks! While I do agree with all of the sentiments posted here - I also realize that yeah...this blows. Here is someone leaving you for something you did not ask for, and have no control over. I worry about this all the damn time. You are entitled to feel angry, pissed off, hurt and in pain. Give all those emotions their time - they're valid. At some point you will feel that life can be ok, maybe not awesome (that takes time too) but okay...and man...you'll hate her guts when this is done, and you'll be way over her.

Been there. My fiancee left me when the shedding started years ago. She told me she couldn't handle what was going on with me and how it was affecting me (as if hair loss is SO easy to get over). My life because of hair loss is still very hard - I'm not gonna lie. But, I'm so glad she's out of my life! I keep thinking "what if this was worst? What if this was cancer?" (and cancer IS worse) -  she would have left me to deal with it. People who demand that you move the sun and stars for them, who demand that you'd be their rock - should return the same favor back when you need them the most. If they can't, they have no room in your life.

So feel the pain, and give it its due - but then tell her f u.

You didn't get dumped because of alopecia, you got dumped as your partner is shallow.

Well said and I agree with you there PaulJ. It will take some time getting over the dissapointment and the hurting, but trust me ADML you will get over her. But I think what is most important, is that you don't start hating or punishing yourself because of your alopecia. Also remember that you are NOT alone with alopecia, 17.000+ people here knows exactly what you are going through, and we have all gone through the same hurting as you. I know that it doesn't help you where you are now, but time will mend the wounds, trust me.

Let me tell you a story from my own life. I had a girlfriend when I was very young, and I was sooo much in love with her. But after a year It all ended abruptly because I got jealous because I was afraid to loose her. We got to argue and she left and decided to totally ignore me from then on. I had so many things I wanted to tell her, show her, give her. But I couldn't, so I got stranded with a love I couldn't express. It actually took some years for me to get over her. I had imagined her to be perfect in everything she did and was.

Then many years passed and I had other relationships, and she had become part of my past. Then one day I met her again by coincidence. I discovered that she had become a very cold and unempathic person - or could it be that she had been this way all the time and I hadn't noticed?

My advice to you ADML. Give yourself time, accept yourself and how you feel, and remember that love and hate is all part of the same thing :)

Well said!

Im insane for still wanting her back Luc , I know it .. 

I do hate her but I love her at the same time... 

She stabbed me in the back at the time I needed her most. My life right now is if even possible more miserable than ever before. I saw us getting married , having kids being together now all these dreams are shattered and all I have left are painful memories of happier times.

sorry to hear that but just think you are better off without her......like LucAlex said what if you had something worse and she left you...think of it as a new beginning there is someone out there that will Love you for you and not your Hair.....



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